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'Glee' Star Chops Off Her Hair -- Dig the 'Do?

Quinn got clipped!

"Glee" star Dianna Agron grabbed her shears last night and chopped off her hair.

With the second season of the show wrapped, Agron decided it was time for a summer change -- and showed off her new cut moments ago by tweeting out the above photo and a message saying "A remedy to the seven year itch. Finally!"

The photo was taken by celeb photographer Tyler Shields.

We like the new 'do, but what do you think? Click the gallery above to vote -- and see which other stars have gone short!

Comments (16)

laila:  1358 days ago

Not cute.

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Maisie:  1358 days ago

TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! (Oh, yeah, and sexy to boot.)

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Lori:  1358 days ago

Looks like a young Ellen Barkin! gorgeous

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Marie:  1358 days ago

Awesome and sexy

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Tesstarosa:  1358 days ago

I think it's a great cut. Actually makes her look better and more sophisticated.

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Tressa:  1358 days ago

how is she going to put her cheerleader hair in a ponytail?

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Nix:  1358 days ago

i like it... its cute

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Sara:  1358 days ago

She looks amazing.

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Todd:  1358 days ago

Looks great. An 80's throwback, but she pulls it off fiercely!!

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Lila:  1358 days ago

I was afraid she'd gone for a pixie cut, but she looks pretty cute! Not too short, very nice.

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Pam:  1358 days ago

I love it she looks great she kinda looks like Kristin Chenoweth

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bridget:  1358 days ago

So liberating! love it, very fresh. It fits you very lovely!

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Kerry:  1358 days ago

Beautiful!!!!! I love it!!!

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July:  1358 days ago

omg,she is so beautiful!!!

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Josh:  1351 days ago

Gorgeous! I wish I was younger, richer, more attractive and famous...!


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