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Report: Oprah's Final Guests Revealed

The last episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" airs May 25, and the final guests have finally been revealed.

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith will join Oprah Winfrey as she sends off her talk show after 25 years on the air, The Daily reports. No word yet on whether the power couple will be joined by their famous kids -- Jayden and WIllow Smith.


There are only ten shows left, and two of them will be reportedly dedicated to James Frey, the author whose memoir "A Million Little Pieces" was recommended by Oprah but later revealed to be filled with fabricated stories.

We assume that Stedman Graham, Oprah's longtime beau, and Gayle King, her best friend, will be part of the finale.

And although "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is going off the air, its legacy will live on. Chicago mayor Richard Daley renamed the street outside Harpo Studios Oprah Winfrey Way. "Your presence in Chicago has been a gift," the mayor told the talk show host at the unveiling ceremony Wednesday. "That's better than an Oscar or an Emmy," Winfrey responded.

Will you miss Oprah when she's off the air? Tell us in the comments below.

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Michael:  1358 days ago

Are you kidding me....with all the people to choose from and these two are it?????

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Mary:  1358 days ago

I dought this very much. they may be 2 of serveral that will be on the show. But if you watch the show you would know that the last 2 hours are a total surprise to Oprah. Her staff is planning it. It will be a MAJOR event - not a sit down with Will and Jada

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Phyllis Botti:  1357 days ago

I like Will Smith OK, but the trailer incident in NY really bothers me... However these 2 are the best the show could do as a finale .
I have watched O for 25 years. I will miss her terrible, but these 2 as the final episode... anti climatic to say the least..

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Alma Livengood:  1357 days ago

I certainly hope the statement about two shows being dedicated to James Frey is a JOKE! I cannot imagine why Oprah would give him a forum again! There are certainly much more talented authors to choose from to have as a guest.
Oprah and her staff can have a selection of very interesting personalities for her last shows. Will and Jada Smith would be fine as one of a number of guest, but certainly not the main event. I do think she should have Stedman and Gail on the show as they have remained so loyal to her through out all of her years in the spotlight.
It would also be interesting to have a town hall type show with suggestions from normal American people on improving our government programs, spending and political actions. Not a show where everyone has to say the "politically correct" things but actually solutions to some of our many problems. She could provide the forum for a very, very serious discussion.
Also it would be interesting to learn something about the future plans of her staff after ending the show. I'm sure this must be disruptive to some of them and their families.
You and your staff are to be congratulated for so many years of successful shows and the improvements you have made on so many topics and matters in people's lives. I hope you continue to have the success with your new channel, but it is going to take a lot of improvement from what it is now. Maybe with the time you and your staff will be able to devote to it will make the needed improvements. But so far the best thing on the channel is the "Behind the scenes shows" and the show with Dr Phil, Dr Oz, Susie Orman and Gail. These are good informational shows. Unfortunately I have not seen a lot of really interesting shows thus far and there really is a lot of work to be done to have the continued success you are accustomed to having.
Much continued success and happiness and thank your staff for all of their hard and successful work.

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brownsugar:  1357 days ago

U need 2 Interview BILLIEJEAN. So Give me get at me on my e-mail and let's set it up. thats if u want 2 leave them with something 2 talk about.

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Janis:  1357 days ago

In all her 25 years being on the air, I watched her show maybe 25 times. I don`t think one person should be given that much power and money. She was just a talk show host. Not God.Of course people will flock to anyone giving away free stuff.

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Jason Daniels:  1357 days ago

I am a 35 year old black male and since my school days of coming home by 3:30pm, Oprah has been in my house and my heart over the years.

My wife laughs at me daily when she comes home and instead of preparing supper or doing something more tangible, I'm watching While my life over the years has gotta more complicate and I have less time to watch television, I do manage to get her google alerts, magazine and anything else Oprah. Honestly, I am converting to OWN soon by getting cable, and will be forever grateful of the lessons she has taught.

She has given up a lot to give the world her philanthropy and her voice in society. She will be missed, but I do plan to meet her one day. Not sure when or how, but I know I will.

I'm finished writing my first book, so maybe I will have the same opportunity as James Frey... minus the fabrications!

A loyal fan!

Jason Daniels
Perrysburg Ohio

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Silvia Johnson Raines:  1353 days ago


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Deb:  1352 days ago

As Julia Roberts alluded, "I have spent my afternoons with Oprah for decades..." Of course I will miss her. In fact, I will morn this loss for a long time. Watching her show was like visiting with a best friend for an hour each day--sometimes therapudic, sometimes fun and laughs, sometimes intense, and sometimes I learned something new. Her compassion, generousity, and "girl-next-door" attitude brought sanity to so many tough topics. She always asked what we wanted to know, and excersised just the right amount of restraint with her guests -- having the class to avoid asking what outsiders had no business asking. A Class act all the way! She joined the women of the world--and a lot of men--together in a unique way. "Did you see Oprah last week?" was a familiar line heard around my office, and you could always find 5-6 people who had seen the show or those who missed it wanted the update...The WORLD has benefitted from Ms. Winfrey's presence and she has truly done God's work! What an example of random human kindness she set for the jealous, grumpy, complaining lot who like to find fault and just don't get it...She has lived her life the way WE ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO LIVE--thinking of others, doing for others, caring for others .... God Bless you Oprah! You will NEVER be forgotten! The World Thanks you, the World Loves you! (The rational folks anyhow...)

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Deb:  1352 days ago

Will Smith and Jada on part of the Star Studded 2 day (Monday and Tuesday) send off her staff arranged and they just taped at the United Arena in Chicago ... The Last Show Wednesday is still a mystery--and Oprah is controlling it! I doubt seriously she will have them on again on Wednesday!

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patty:  1351 days ago

I will miss Oprah. I watched her show and would identify with many of the people and would get relief knowing there was other out in the world with the same problem or feeling the same. I always wished I could go to a show but never had the opportunity she will greatly missed.

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Pat:  1348 days ago

James Frey -Oprah has made a super hero out of a junkie who sucked the system dry financially supporting his drug rehab and prison and lies about his experiences. He is what she adores. Bye Oprah.

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beula:  1348 days ago

I will miss Oprah. I too have watched her for 25 years.I wanted to know what happened to the first students to receive money from the angel network schoalarships. I wished I could have gotten tickets to her show. I gtried to get into the book of the month club. I made a mistake whwn I put in my birth date. When I tried to change it to the correct date 1935 i couldn't. I have also been a subcriber to the O magazine since its inception. Good luck . with OWn. . It might be sxlow right now but you are very bright and you will succeed in a big way.

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Max:  1348 days ago

Oprah who?

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MILLI:  1348 days ago

I will miss OPRAH very much. But I wont be able to continue watching her on her OWN Station. I live on a very tight budget and we have to pay to get OWN Comcast charges extra for this station. At my age there is no way for me to pay for this. Thank you for the good years that you gave me - - but this is it!!! No more OPRAH!!

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