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First Listen: 'Glee' Covers Amy Winehouse & Willy Wonka!

"Glee" is covering an Amy Winehouse and the one and only Willy Wonka next week -- and we've got the songs right now!
The songs are from Tuesday's "Funeral" episode, which TV Line says will feature the death of "a beloved character" and a major couple.

The first song we've got for you is Kurt (Chris Colfer) taking the lead on "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory":

The other, Santana (Naya Rivera) singing Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black":

Which character do you think will meet their end next week? Sound off below!

Comments (13)

tone1984:  1357 days ago

Amy's music is so good , too bad she's such a crackhead.

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Kaylea:  1357 days ago

It has to be Karofsky that dies if Santana is singing "Back to Black". And I heard a while ago that they were gonna do an episode having to do with gay kids commiting That's my guess.

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Gayle:  1357 days ago

I think its Karofsky or Kurts Dad.

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Gayle:  1357 days ago

Becasue of the song Santana sings, maybe Santana dies! because Brittney goes back to Artie, and people are saying that it is a gay character so why does it have to be Karoefsky, why not Santana because she didnt love karoefsky!

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Kelly:  1357 days ago

rumors say it is a female and none of the main characters. They already kinda did the show dealing with young lgbt ppl committing suicide, Karofsky said in his apology to the glee kids in "born this way" Santana had told him stories.
I think its going to be Quinn's dad, he was introduced before and that would affect a few of the kids.

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Krayon:  1357 days ago

I'm guessing April Rhodes by the music.

She was carefree & fun loving (Willy Wonka)
She abuses substances (Amy Winehouse)

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Kirsty:  1357 days ago

Apparently a casting call when out for someone to fill the role of "Becky's mum" for the episode. So i'm going with Becky. Fits all the other rumours too - female, not a main cast member but still beloved etc

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_fan:  1356 days ago

santanas song is not sung at the funeral, its an audition for the solo at nationals. brittana is endgame!

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zanzibar:  1356 days ago

Santana is SOOOOO singing about Brit..

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nancy:  1356 days ago

I think Kaylea is right and how very sad. I think too much presure was being placed on him to come out when he wasn't ready.

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Jane:  1356 days ago

Sue's big sister. I lean in that direction. Oh, I do see a push for a story line leading to Karofski hurting himself. I see him as being more of a divisor between Kurt and Blaine as Kurt's sympathy for Dave's battle grows so I don't see him dying.

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Joek:  1354 days ago

Well they said that it was someone unexpected amd that he is not in new directions. They also said it will affect the caracters. Has any one thought of jesse ? Why not him ? His death could influence them , he isn't from new directions amd as i clearly see, none of u expected him to die. Think abt it

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.:  1286 days ago

Little did the world know how soon this would become reality for AMY WINEHOUSE.

Found Dead = 07/23/2011


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