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'Hellcats' Stars React to Show's Cancellation

0518_hellcatsWhile "One Tree Hill" and "Nikita" were given another season on The CW, it's all over for "Hellcats" -- and the show's star Ashley Tisdale is speaking out about the cancellation.

"I had an amazing experience filming Hellcats," Ashley posted on her Twitter last night. "Not only did I grow as a person but I met some amazing people who are now my best friends."

She adds, "I just want to thank all the fans for all the support! xoxo"

Tisdale's co-star Aly Michalka also hit Twitter last night to thank fans, writing "My dear fans....I just want to tell you all how grateful I am for all your comments regarding Hellcats being cancelled."

Aly continues, "I had such an incredible experience that was life changing. The friendships, memories, and adventures will never be forgotten."

The final episode aired last night.

Comments (14)

Karen:  1355 days ago

I am sorry to hear that Hellcats has been canceled. I never watched the show, but I thought that the ratings were pretty good throughout the season. I wish all of the cast good luck with any future endeavors.

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bob:  1355 days ago

hey ashley, get another nose job

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Kristi:  1354 days ago

I hate that the show has been cancelled I loved to watch it with my daughter. Good luck with the future. Sorry to see the show go.

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Cindy:  1353 days ago

I don't know what it is with these stations cancelling good shows(CW & ABC, aren't they "sister stations"?). STUPID!! I liked Hellcats, sorry to see it go!

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JaniceKingsley7:  1352 days ago

I watched a couple eps of this show , it was 'not too bad' at best :/ The plot is over used and the ratings are the worst across the entire network (of all shows that made it to a finished season 1) I'm not sorry to see this show go at all but I do love Ashley Tisdale : ) Rock on Ashley !!!! < 3

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Greg:  1352 days ago

One Tree Hill hasn't been the same since all the cast changes. And America's Next Top Model is still there and NOT Hellcats? Bad programming choices CW. You need to get in touch with the same approach that made you guys great when you were the WB. You put out some classic shows like Buffy, Charmed, Smallville, ect. Now you're turning down decent stories like Hellcats for reality schlock like Top Model? Don't be common.... go back to cutting edge and entertain before it's too late.

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sstarclp:  1351 days ago

I hate that "Hellcats" was cancelled. I guess because as a show it didn't have as much sex, violence, and backstabbing as the other CW series,it didn't make the cut for the 2011-2012 lineup. Good luck to all the actors of Hellcats.. you will be missed!!!

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bemonik:  1351 days ago

it look asome! good job ashley and the hellcats in general! what canceled hellcats?! is bad really really bad! sorry for you... :(

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Tanya:  1350 days ago

Bummer. This was the only show really that I watched. It shouldn't be cxled.

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Kaylynn :  1349 days ago

You know I really love the show hellcats why put something out there and tryin to see how it turns out and it turns out very well and then cancel it I'm really gonna miss that show

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Sheri:  1349 days ago

If you want to sign the petition please go to:

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Ann Zukowski:  1343 days ago

Hey Hellcats you all rock! It was so nice to have a show on that my 8 yr old could watch without covering her eyes. I hate to see you all go but i wish you all the very best in all future endeavors. I have grown to love this cast and it was one of my very favorite shows!Too bad the networks don't let the people who WATCh the show decide! :)

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Sherry:  1341 days ago

Loved the show!! Wish another network would pick up where this network is screwing up. This show should still be on air, instead it's being cancelled and other shows where are not near as good are staying... I don't understand!

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Mirelle:  1336 days ago

I am really disappointed with the cancellation of Hellcats. I really liked this series and cast of talented actors. I especially like Ashley Tisdale. I was enjoying seeing her in Hellcats as Savannah whom she portrayed perfectly. Savannah was a great, rounded character that I loved [getting to know] even if it was for only one season.
I wish the entire cast the best, and look forward to seeing them all in more roles....

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