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'American Idol' Results -- Who Was Eliminated?

0519_haley_singleIt'll be a battle of the teens next week on "American Idol," when 16-year-old Lauren Alaina and 17-year-old Scotty McCreery will sing-off for the title.

On Thursday, 20-year-old Haley Reinhart -- arguably the most versatile singer in the competition -- was eliminated, setting up a showdown between "Idol's" resident country singers.

With six of the last nine "Idol" winners hailing from the south, there have been some complaints of geographic bias. It'll be interesting to see who prevails next week, since both Alaina and McCreery share similar fan bases.

The nod might go to McCreery, who's never been in the bottom group (Alaina has once) and has the teen girl vote.

The judges, particularly Steven Tyler, have gushed over Alaina and her pure voice.

Regardless of the outcome, "Idol" has enjoyed a resurgent season and will likely crown many more winners in the years to come.

Did you agree with the results? Sound off in the comments below.

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ZB:  1353 days ago

I could tell from the show wednesday night she was going home this week....just seems like they set her up for it. Hope the girl gets a contract...I like her range of music...seems like she can sing across a lot of genres. And we need a Janis Joplin is becoming too cookie cutter. I wish you the best Haley you are a remarkable singer.

Now...the 2 finalists are country singers...ain't that a kick in the pants...should be interesting.

Overall this season has been amazing...I can't think of one of the top 11 that I would not buy an album of their music. Paul with his throwback to Rod Stewart...Casey had me from the first song...I would LOVE to have an album of his work. James has such fun it comes through in his music. I would like to see Stephano throw out some old Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Naima stole my heart and I am not usually a huge fan of female singers...would love to see her mix up the pop of cookie cutter music out there now. Pia her voice is perfect...not sure I could listen to a whole album of the same song..but the girl has lungs. last but not least Thia I think she was just getting into her groove when she got cut...think there are a lot more layers in that onion.

Bottom line...they are all good...and I would buy an album from any of them. So lets hope some labels are listening.

Next week...I think Scotty is going to own it...not because he is any better than Lauren..but he seems to have grabbed watchers hearts. Either way its going to be close.

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tlcmk:  1353 days ago

They followed the script. Two teens in the final, both country, and Scotty wins.

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conrad:  1352 days ago

YES she put her hand on Ryan that was Lauren thing.

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SCHOOLTEACH:  1352 days ago

Yes, the RIGHT person was sent home last night. Haley does not connect with or sing to the audience. Instead of taking constructive criticism well, she back-talks professionals.
When Pia was eliminated, Haley had a big smile on her face. By contrast, even the younger contestants are more savvy about their stage presence. When voters see that contestants are down-to-earth people, and not ego-centric, it makes them much more appealing. I wish Scotty and Elena success in their professional careers.

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Susan:  1352 days ago

Haley is very talented...HOWEVER she needs a Diva reality check... She was rude & obnoxious to the judges, She does need to take a page out of Pia's book.. I was happy to see her knocked down a peg!
She needs to Grow Up!

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Trez M:  1352 days ago

The Judges were over talking with their remarks to Haley, "try this and try that then "what are you doing Baby" Randy talks way to much trying to prove he is a asture as Simeon was,Steven loves everyone and everything,"I love it , it was lovely". There were all good singer this year so I* guess we got what we deserved.

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kim:  1352 days ago

I've never liked Haley. She's a pretty girl and she can sing but she has a bad attitude and comes across as arrogant and snotty.

I'm rooting for Lauren but if Scotty wins that's ok with me too, they both seem like good kids.

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Lori:  1352 days ago

Haley's elimination was a given. Jennifer & Randy lost my respect for the way they critiqued her & never the others.Haley was fabulous.Two country singers is a marketing gimmick & I no longer believe the voters are choosing the next American Idol. I give the win to Scotty over Laurn. If Pia gets a recording contract going out as high as she did Haley deserves one for making it all the way to #3. Go Haley, you rock!

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RAC:  1352 days ago

Absolutely absurd. America got it ALL wrong. Who the heck is voting. Haley was clearing the most versatile performer with the best vocals. Very disappointed to see her not win. I've had it with Idol. The Voice is so much better!

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Mary:  1352 days ago

Scott will have a big,big career as will the other Laureen. Remember they are still teenagers and will get better.

Pia and Haley will go on to do big things.

I believe that James will have a great career too and will sell out. I belive Randy and Jimmy will be his mentors.

Paul will do well too probably on Broadway and so will Saffo.


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bebe:  1352 days ago

so glad haley is gone please nobody give her a contact she is a cuuuunt biatch

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ann:  1352 days ago

Love the show, really wantd James to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sal:  1352 days ago

This is going to be the most boring Idol finally EVER!!! I'm not watching because I never liked either of these kids and I hate country music. Casey Abrams and James Durbin were the real idols this year. And at least Haley would have kept the finally interesting. Now its just the yeehaw country ho down Idol. Alfred E Newman will win and the doe eyed little girl seeking approval will cry.

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lynn:  1352 days ago

Haley does nothing but screech.. How she ever got to the top3-oops I know..Casey was going around telling everyone to vote for her.. Wonder how long it will be before she dumps him since she doesn't need anymore. She has been one of the worst singers ever on that program..if she spent as much time on her voice as she spend trying to be sexy on stage she might go somewhere.She was so shocked she wasn't in top 2..that shows a bit about her character.

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I would like Scotty to win.

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