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Exclusive: See the Birth Certificates of Mariah Carey's Twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon left UCLA Medical Center last Saturday with their newborn twins in tow.

TooFab has exclusively obtained the babies' birth certificates. Check them out below:


According to the certificates, daughter Monroe was born first, and son Moroccan came second.

Monroe (named after her Marilyn Monroe) does not have a middle name, just like her mother.

Moroccan shares the same middle name as his father, Scott.

We can't wait to see photos of the twins.

Comments (3)

Courtney:  1353 days ago

You guys shouldn't have published this the birth certificates never should've been leaked in the first place. why can't Mariah & Nick enjoy their precious babies it's bad enough their being investigated by CPS for neglect when a few ounces of beer to spur milk production for nursing isn't gonna hurt the twins in the slightest. other star moms who nurse have done the same thing for decades and were never sold out to CPS for it some that come to mind are The Redgrave Sisters Joanne Woodward & Amy Adams who is still nursing her daughter who just turned a year old last sunday granted between those 4 actresses mentioned theres 15 Oscar nominations 9 best actress 6 for best supporting actress dating from 1958-2011 the films are Three Faces Of Eve Georgy Girl Morggan A suitable Case For Treatment Isadora Rachel Rachel Mary Queen Of Scots Summer Wishes Winter Dreams Julia The Bostonians Mr & Mrs Bridge Howard's End Gods & Monsters Junebug Doubt & The Fighter. all that matters is mother and chidren are healthy and thats the case so what's the big deal about the birth certificates which are supposed to be confidential though public record

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Bee:  1352 days ago

At least now these tabloids can finally get Mariah's age right...

This should not have been released/leaked though.

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kittycat:  1348 days ago

This terrible. For the media to have done this what if this where your Kidd's and your wife. Stop acting none human . Their are some sick people out here in the world "come on where suppose to be setting examples :(

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