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Justin Bieber Launches New Fragrance

0520_bieber_singleJustin Bieber is launching a new fragrance this June.

The scent, called "Someday," is a perfume, not a cologne.

While we're skeptical that a 17-year-old knows what the scent of a woman is, he's probably not a nail polish expert either, but that didn't stop him from launching his successful "One Less Lonely Girl" polish line.

“Let’s be real, the way a girl smells is very important to a guy,” the pop star told Women's Wear Daily. “I have such a deep connection with my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them closer to my world.”

Justin probably has a deep connection to his pocketbook too, which is why he's expanding to the lucrative fragrance market.

The perfume reportedly has a "citrus gourmand" scent and is packaged in a bottle with a heart-shape flower on top and hits stores in June.

WWD estimates sales of "Someday" may top $30 million in its first year. According to Forbes, the late Elizabeth Taylor's "White Diamonds" sold $54 million worth of scent in the last year alone. Derek Jeter's "Driven" cologne netted a stagger $27 million, while Beyonce's "Heat" perfume did $21 million in sales.

Check out other celebrity perfume pushers in the gallery below:


Will you buy Justin Bieber's scent? Tell us in the comments below.

Comments (8)

Ty:  1351 days ago

Little annoying prick. World upside down. While I have nothing to complain about, the chasm between the poor and the immensely and vomit inducing super rich is becoming too great to even stil see the other side.

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jep:  1351 days ago

Nice that all profits go to his favorite charities.

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Alex:  1351 days ago

Did you see the Justin Bieber perfume ad!

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sheila:  1350 days ago

What a little con-artist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jaime:  1350 days ago

con artist??? how does putting out a line of perfume make you a con artist. personally my kids think hes great and will be thrilled to buy his perfume. i'll never understand why people "hate" so much, if you don't like it don't buy it

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ewrw:  1350 days ago

It attracts pedophiles

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rebecca:  1349 days ago

I Love him sooo much and immma wear it every day imma big belieber

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Achy:  1336 days ago

Don't blame the goofy little singer. He's on a roll and good luck to him. BUT don't by all the little bon mots and wise sayings -- he's a kid, sharp, but he's in the grip of his "handlers."

Wait a year or two and read about how many times the manipulators put their hands in his pocket and hack his bankbook. He'll finish up ok, but the hacks/manipulators and shirt-tail grabbers will get him for you, if you're not a fan. He'll be super rich, and will take lots of hangers-on with him and they'll rob him blind. It's the oldest story in show-biz...

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