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Kirstie Alley Does Cartwheel on 'Dancing'

Kirstie Alley saved the best for last.

The 60-year-old actress showed off some moves we didn't know she had, including a back bend and cartwheel, in her freestyle routine. She and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy also did several impressive lifts. Watch the video below:

Alley's competition also turned in some great performances.

Disney star Chelsea Kane and partner Mark Ballas were electrifying in a glow-in-the-dark routine. Unfortunately, Kane's lights went out during the performance, but that didn't faze her and she finished strong. Watch the video below:

NFL player Hines Ward and Kym Johnson were equally entertaining with a marching band-inspired routine that had lots of lifts and energy. Watch the video below:

Who do you want to win the mirror ball trophy? Sound off in the comments below!

Comments (11)

Jennyy:  1347 days ago

Chelsea and Mark were choppy and sloppy in the free style. I will never understand how they pulled 10's for that. They looked like amateurs. If you watch the video's above you can see Mark having to **** Chelsea's body weight a few times. Plus they were out of step and their timing was off in more than one spot. Chelsea really did very little but let Mark toss her around. They looked liked kids goofing around in a school yard. Chelsea got the 10's for being a hot body and nothing more.

Kirstie and Maks were incredible. Their free style was so much better than Chelsea and Mark. The moves Kirstie had to pull off were much more difficult then what Chelsea did and Kirstie did it with grace, they were smooth and in perfect step with each other, Maks had no problems with the lifts and Kirstie did not look like she was clinging to him like Chelsea did. The whole number looked professional. They deserved the marks Chelsea got for being a hot body. Not fair at all.

Hines and Kym were also excellent. Hines had to do a lot more work than Chelsea did. I think his scores were deserved. I believe Hines should be the winner but the judges are clearly favoring Chelsea, and there aren't enough votes to cover that.

We all saw and heard the cheat that went down when the guest judge was on. I think there were some behind the scenes cheats last night. I am never going to understand how Chelsea and Mark got those ten's for that crap.

Kirstie and Maks were ripped off by the judges and they know it and so does everyone else who was watching. Just watch those videos.

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Dotty:  1347 days ago

What's with all the athletics last night?! No wonder Kirsti did what she did. I adore her and applaud her athletics last night. Did not care for Chelsea's performance-music was great and she started out good but then they got out of sync a lot and I think she should have stuck more with traditional salsa than athletic. Salsa IS athletic. I liked Hines' performance the best although it was not the best I have seen him do. But in regards to athletics who is going to out do him-really! The double spin at the end was the bomb. Good luck to all of you.

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karen:  1347 days ago

Hines should win....he has been most consistant out of all.

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chris:  1347 days ago

honestly i loove Chelsea Kane but i was really rooting for Kristi Alley and Hines Ward i have fallen completely head over heels for them both and if either of them win the mirror ball trophy i will be satisfied with this season did you see all the lifts for Hines performance like DAMN!! i wish he were lifting me like that all over the place like a twirling stick LOL and Krist completely BLEEW me away with that flip of hers .. just amazing

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SHINDIG:  1347 days ago


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anton:  1347 days ago

Kristie ally is a fat selfish hog!! I liked her until a friend of mine got to know her online and she is the most greedy bitch I have ever seen! No wonder she is so fat! She must hoard her food, too!! How her evil look baggy face and fat ass made it to the top three is certainly not because of talent...others were way more talented!! Oink Oink She's got those evil Devil Eyes!!!

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anton:  1347 days ago

Kristie Ally should win because she's old, fat, and ugly? That makes no sense!!!

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Shon:  1347 days ago

I think Kirstie Ally did a wonderful job!! I am just too proud of her. :-)

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Disgusted:  1347 days ago

Kirstie Alley is a kind, loving, humorous, talented & courageous woman! Anyone who desires to inflict evil personal assaults regard Kirstie's physical appearance should hope they look that AMAZING at age 60. I also met Kirstie online since she reached out with enormous compassion since the death of my child. Those that are her close friends and family are beyond blessed... One could only hope to be touched by this true ANGEL within the darkness of this world. You bring smiles through the tears Kirstie... With Love & A Grateful Heart, I Thank You.

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Jennyy:  1346 days ago

Hey Disgusted don't let the haters rattle you. They are consumed with jealousy. Kirstie has a huge fan base for a reason. She is down to earth and as honest as they come. Kirstie does not put out false pretenses, no plastic surgery, no gastric bypass, no hiding behind a phoney front. She is who she is and she's great.

BTW- I didn't say Kirstie should win because of her looks. I said Chelsea shouldn't win because of her looks. Kirstie was the better dancer of the two. I think the final results last night were exactly how they should have been, based on overall performance throughout the 12 weeks. Hines was amazing and Kirstie was a very close second. Ralph or Romeo deserved a place in the finals before Chelsea did. IMO

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Linda:  1346 days ago

As a 64 year old female, I can say with confidence that the performances she gave were beautiful and elegant and she did it fully dressed.

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