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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Pack on the PDA in Maui!

Now that they've gone 100% public with their relationship, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez can't keep their hands (or lips) off each other!

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The two were seen having numerous public displays of affection yesterday while vacationing together in Maui -- taking time to kiss while jet-skiing, swimming and parasailing!

The young couple are on the trip with a chaperone -- Justin's mom!

Selena, 18, and Justin, 17, made their first public smooch Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards.

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afjioeqjioe:  1345 days ago

They are 2 horny teens. Nothing better then being rich, famous &young and hooking up with someone that is also rich famous and young.

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Scallywag:  1345 days ago

Don't you wish you be 17 again with not a care in the world, a cool billion in the bank and the most delicious puppy love by your side. Gawd I'm blushing for these two!

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Tessiemae:  1344 days ago

I bet that purity ring she wore has melted of her hand by now!

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TanieluHansonWestbrook:  1341 days ago

OMG WTF is wrong w/ yu JB i mean yu used to be all nice nd always helpin shelters nd all dat stuff bt naw YOUR WHOLE WORLD revolves around YOUR PRECIOUS SELENA GOMEZ. nd 4 yu ms.PERFECT Selena Gomez i feel lyk wen ur on Wizards Of Waverly Place nd wen ur w/ Justin ur just a different person i HATE it yu guys r always all over each other its NASTY just take a break from it nd pay attention to ur fans ESPESCIALLY YOU MR.Justin Bieber

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Toni:  1341 days ago

Ok, some people ^ have issues. Firstly, the people have separate lives outside of their professional ones. Not because they're always in the media's eye means that's the only place they live. They cannot dedicate all their lives to their fans...thats just ridiculous. How often do you see them going on secret rendezvous? They work hard and so they play hard, in their private about you get a real one and quit obsessing over people you will most likely never meet. They are cute...and are just like any average teen couple, quit acting like what theyre doing is out of the norm.

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justice:  1340 days ago

i think its fine they are my to fav singers and
and they make a good couple

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Karla:  1331 days ago

I think that it's ok for them to do that, but at the same time they should be careful because they have little fans. And if the kids see those things they are gonna be disappointed because there roll models

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unknown:  1327 days ago

i think they are a cute couple but they do need to focus on their fans for once...yhu never see selena without justin bieber NEVER they need a break.....i love them both im their biggest fan i juxx wanna see justin bieber alone for once they cant even keep their hands or lips to themself nd yhu can call me crazy i really dont care but this is wat i had to get ooff mi chest

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