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Photos: Snooki, Jwoww & Ronnie Get Pizza 101 in Italy!

Would you trust Snooki, Jwoww and Ronnie to make your pizza? Because that's what they're doing while living in Florence for the next season of "Jersey Shore."

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The terrible threesome was spotted learning the tricks of the pizza trade yesterday at Pizzeria O'Vesuvi, where Jwoww tried to throw some dough while Ronnie and Snooki peddled pie on the sidewalk.

Jwoww and Snooki were later seen checking out a tattoo parlor, where Snooks stuck out like a sore thumb in a bright green t-shirt reading "I'M BAD" and black furry boots.

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Comments (10)

Scudrunner51:  1337 days ago

One would think they'd try the local food but Pizza? How original.... Ahhhh, Ignorance is bliss.......

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yada:  1336 days ago

There's nothing more local than Pizza...
Know your facts first.

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Dom:  1336 days ago

lol ignorance really is bliss...your in Italy why wouldn't you get pizza?? maybe your ignorance is bliss...but the jersey shore cast making my pizza im sorry but no...i like my pizza without a side of herpes thank you

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rhonda whittle:  1336 days ago

Snooki needs some rehab, I love this show but come on she really needs to seek some help.When its Jersey Shore time nobody is aloud in the room. Keep it coming.

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Mark Twain:  1336 days ago

Snooki may need rehab, but you need grammar lessons. It's allowed... not aloud. I fear for America.

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jackie ruth:  1336 days ago

listen, I'm a jersey shore fan (american) who lives in italy and I can tell you, the pizza in italy is completely different and five thousand times better than any pizza I ever had growing up in the states. it's not a cliche here. it's daily life. it's the original fast food and florence has some of the best, freshest pizza I've ever eaten. please don't talk about things you don't know about.

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Emily:  1335 days ago

YOUR vs. YOU'RE. It's not that hard of a concept.

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michelle:  1332 days ago

The Jersey Shore making pizza i would eat it i see nothing wrong with it. Besides in Italy the pizza is so much better then in the states from what i have been told, i would love some pizza from Italy!!!!!! so don't be ah hater.

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cm:  1330 days ago

Okay, I actually am an American living in Italy and the pizza here is ****. You get a square with a little round piece of cheese and maybe a little piece of meat if you're lucky, and no sauce! they also have Hotdog and french fry pizza, it's disgusting.

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Bayda Mills:  1330 days ago

How does The Situation look in the mirror and not see Gomer Pyle? He even talks out of the side of his mouth like Jim Nabors.

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