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Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Scott's B-Day in Vegas!

While Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries celebrated their engagement in Monaco, her sister Kourtney marked another milestone in Las Vegas: Her baby daddy's birthday.

Kourtney's man, Scott Disick, turned 28 on Thursday and to mark the occasion, the duo went to Sin City to celebrate. Dressed in a tight, sparkly cream dress, Kourtney attended Scott's b-day bash Friday night at Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas -- hitting the red carpet together before sharing cake inside.

The two also hit up Sugar Factory American Brasserie, where they feasted on some giant cupcakes.

Friday wasn't the only party for Scott though, as he and Kourtney kept the celebrations coming all weekend -- Kardashian tweeting Sunday "Heading home from a night out in the Hamptons at Dune with @scottdisick. Birthday celebration #4 lol. Can't hang like I used to. #gettingold."

Check out their Vegas night out above!

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lulu:  1299 days ago

Scott is disgusting and gross!! Kourtney could do so much better. I mean the one show where another chick was in his apartment at 3AM when he was in New York, Kourtney actually believed his bull**** story. He may not be a cheater at this moment, but he will again!! once a they say...always a cheater!!!

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kyle:  1298 days ago

mason is a we cuty and you and kim khloe kendall and kyle are all gorgus but my most favrote person is all of you. love you bey and ill see you all on kepping up with the kardashins xxxxxxx

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Nancy:  1298 days ago

Who really cares about these people.
They all need to keep their dirty laundry out of the public. I am tired of hearing and seeing them on TV. They are not cute, they all have plastic surgeries and implants.
Courtney needs to get married and stop living in sin with that looser.

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Alex:  1298 days ago

I don't believe there is a more pompous, arrogant ******* than Scott Disick. I've watched off and on how he's made a complete fool of himself all the while, knowing he's humiliating Courtney and not caring one bit. I only have 2 questions: How could Courtney let such a schmuck knock her up and why is she still with Scott? The epitome of stupidity is what this is. People with too much money, flaunting it for the world to see, not caring how their bad behavior is reflected to us common folks.

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ITS KIM MADAFU*KER:  1297 days ago

you know SCOOT needs to man up.kourtney shud have kept her legs closed if she knew what type of guy scot iz.she is just like that b**ch kim,man hoping s*ut who has very loose penties.
dani [14 years and aint blind]

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African Queen:  1297 days ago

I Guess.....

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kate:  1297 days ago

first of all its kourney with a k incase you didnt notice, but some of you are to concerned in slagging them off you forgot how to spell:)! and secondly why the hell are you arsed, if your not gonna comment something nice, then why comment at all, personally like like all of them, but your nasty comments are not neccersary and unwanted. and for someone who said "once a cheater always a cheater" people do change you know. If you dont like them, you must have a very unintresting life to waste your time commenting on people you clearly dont like. The only people who are pathetic, are those who feel the need to leave those kind of comments. astalavista bitchessssssssssssss!

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Marisol:  1297 days ago

Something these people have in common is that they are both emotionally needy and, in spite of appearances, have extremely low self-esteem. They need each other to validate who they think they are so their relationship is not necessarily based on love but on feeding this sic need in each other. It's a Sad excuse for the romantic kind of love they both yearn for; it's based on appearances. It's all a mirage for the public.

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GVK:  1297 days ago

Lol @ kim above: who are you trying to correct?? It's KOURTNEY, who the hell is KOURNEY?? Kinda ironic you trying to correct people. Dumbass.

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h:  1296 days ago

Sheesh.. I raise my glass to those who had correct spelling in the previous comments here. The rest just sound like fools. Not haters as that word is so overused and teen speak now, just fools. If you follow this couple at all they have worked things out. In case you did not know it, "reality TV" skews things for the viewers. Right or wrong, on that token, I do not care. I look for facts as a normal person should. Clearly, the negative people just like to bash without current facts have no lives. Carry on.. :)

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Samantha:  1295 days ago

I'm sorry, but these people are total misfits. Those whiny, nasal nosed voices sound like fingernails on a blackboard. They are not the least bit entertaining; a bunch of numbnuts that think just saying something, anything is entertaining. And, that Khloe character; never knew anyone so mentally down & out via her filthy mouth.
I've seen about 5 shows & that's 5 shows too many; finally clicked off for good.
The mom should be banned from motherhood forever!
T.V. needs to stop with the 'lower class' reality show(s)....DUMP this one.

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susieq:  1294 days ago

I don't see this guy for nothing, but she must love him to put up with him. I just hope she doesn't end up like my cousin who wasted her 20's and 30's on a guy who said he'd never change,and he never did. Finally in her 40's she unloaded him. As Maya says, "When people show you who they are, believe them!"

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Margie:  1294 days ago

Please ask Kourtney to find out why her brother Rob lives with his sister? This Robert is either eating, prying into everybodies business, not working, watching T.V. or acting like a complete idiot around Lamar. What a loser!!!!! He adds nothing to the show and should just grow up and get himself a job. He is annoying and ruining a fun show. Mother Kris is a close second. Get a life, Robert and's now the girls turn.

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Trish:  1294 days ago

Scott is HOT!

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Mary Anne Nolette:  1282 days ago

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