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Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Cheryl Burke -- 'Dancing' Hookup in Vegas?

Looks like "Dancing with the Stars" professionals Cheryl Burke and Maksim Chmerkovskiy did more than just dance together this weekend in Las Vegas.

With a professional photographer roaming the dance floor at club Moon at the Palms on Saturday night, Twitter user @DWTS_Gossip noticed some interesting action going on in the background of a couple pics.

Yes, that's Maksim in the yellow holding onto Cheryl ... and it looks like they're kissing! Also, in the back of another shot, Maks can be seen holding Burke close while grabbing her hair. Check out all the club pics above!

The two were seen together earlier in the weekend at the Encore, where they celebrated the one year anniversary of the hotel's Beach Club.

So, what do you think? Just friends ... or something more?

Comments (19)

Senna:  1339 days ago

They've been hooking up for years. Both disgusting and dirty.

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tammy:  1339 days ago

Damn Cheryl you get's around! Damn Maks Karina and now her friend Cheryl such a ass!

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Tammy Haynes:  1339 days ago

Well he does look like a dancing Gerry Butler, didn't she date him too?

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Magenta:  1339 days ago

This is their business and their business alone. I had heard he and Cheryl were getting together off and on for the last two years. They hv known each other for years and I'm not really surprised they would hook up,no matter, these are two consenting adults,they obviously hv an understanding between each other,as to what their relationship is going to be like. Yeah, they are in the public eye,but we don't own these people,I make no value judgements at all. I hope they have a great time no matter how long it lasts!!

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summer:  1339 days ago

Don't tell Sasha.

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Becca:  1338 days ago

That's great and everything, but he did the Ukrainian Bachelor and picked a girl! From my understanding the show ends this week. He's a cheater and Cheryls wrong because she obviously knows about his obligation to that show. I wish them both well but I have to say I was such a fan and its sad to see he's. A cheater who's a great dancer.

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boygirl:  1338 days ago

He'll hump anything, but Cheryl doesn't have herself together. I hope her real friends can help her.

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Danyelle:  1338 days ago

Ugh hate these two, Maks is a womanizer and extremely brutal to all of his female celebrity partners, not a man I would want to marry. Cheryl sad case, she has so many issues w/self that she can't see through whats real or fake.

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Sally:  1338 days ago

I think we've got folks jumping to conclusions as to a relationship. IMO:
a. Little too much alchohol
b. Apparently his chosen match from Ukr Bachelor is already history since March(show taped last winter/early this year) but def bad idea considering last episode airs this week
c. No other pictures were shown of them kissing, just that one though it does appear to be more than a peck
d. My only issue is that there are rumors that he might be in touch (romantic?)with another Ukr Bach contestant so she might not appreciate this
e. Forget anything not being seen by the rest of the world when you're a celebrity. Period!

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CKD:  1337 days ago

Cheryl is absolutely gorgeous. It would be so nice if they could really find true love but in show business it usually doesn't happen. Wasn't he supposed to do a European version of "The Bachelor"?

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sarah:  1337 days ago

wow, this makes me sad :( i have been patiently watching bachelor ukraine in youtube (reading all the translations)... Maks seemed in love with Yanna. Maks' parents were even there to see the final 3 girls. In the show, he seemed genuine.. then to find out.. He's with another woman right before the show ended. :( i guess all is for publicity, I hope he has gotten the $$ he wanted :(

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Iris:  1337 days ago

It seems Maxim is a good lier and player.Really i feel sorry that i lost so much time to see this his games with girls.He never will be happy because all his life it just show.

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DynastyRanch:  1337 days ago

Cherall is a drunken easy lay. She has multiple problems. Cherall is a "Good time for FREE sex Party girl" Maks is trying to wiggle out of a Ukraine engagement and involvment with another girl from the Ukraine Bachelor Show. I do so hope the show fines Maksim BIG bucks for his "KISS" and ummmmmm everyone knows what happened after the kiss as Cherall is an easy lay and begs for Maks to sex her up!

Cherall has many issues that need resolve, another words she is mentally sick and needs the help of a "Mind doctor". Cherall is a drunk! AND I MEAN THAT! She has alcohol issues. AA would serve her well.

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DynastyRanch:  1337 days ago

OH and Maksim well he is a womanizer, any woman that would marry him would be the next Marie S.(arnold). He is a liar and had his PR Lizzie G. lie for him over that pic but she is a very bad liar as she calls kissing "whispering". Well Lizzie if Maks was whispering to Cherall, I have been kissing wrong for a number of years. I don't use my mouth to listen to someone whispering.

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Susie:  1336 days ago

I have always wondered why maks and Cheryl didnt hook up a long ago. She really seems to be a sweet person and definately nothing like Karina icky.
Cheryl would have to calm maks temper now and then but I think they go fabulouslyl together.

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