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Jennifer Aniston Shows Skin in Sexy New Ad, Trailer

Jennifer Aniston's still got a hot bod, and she has no problem flaunting it!

In a new SmartWater print ad, the 42-year-old poses topless -- with only her a strategically placed hand keeping things G-rated. Check out the sexy photo below:


Eat your heart out Angelina Jolie!

Aniston's also generating a lot of buzz for her role in the upcoming comedy "Horrible Bosses," which stars her rumored former beau Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day.

In the film, a brunette Aniston plays a sexy dentist who terrorizes her assistant Day. She also has a penchant for lounging around in her lingerie and eating phallic-shaped foods. Check out the hilarious new trailer below:


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Comments (17)

got it like that!!:  1337 days ago

I thinks shes really pretty!

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wideopen:  1337 days ago

I want to make love to her mouth.

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Chris:  1336 days ago

She's a dirty smoker... Ughh!

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Mike:  1336 days ago

What else is new with this "actor"? 90% of her pictures are semi-nude or nude.With her pictures in Allure mag posing as a pre-teen,half- nude and skimpy outfits which most pre-teen doesn't do,was disgusting.Is she the icon for pedophiles?

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JP:  1336 days ago

Why all the fuss on Aniston... Jolie MUCH Hotter!

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Apostate:  1336 days ago

I want to quench an urge now-and it's certainly NOT thirst....

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JEN:  1335 days ago


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BOO:  1335 days ago


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barb:  1334 days ago

Not much of a star when you have to stoop to nudity to try and get your career moving...she is just so ordinary and her talent limited. Rachael was her strong suit, she should have quit then and avoided the embarassment.

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steve:  1332 days ago

The top pictures was photoshopped make her look good but the bottom picture show her real face fugly. Both pitures so contrast

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magstar:  1332 days ago

Not much of an actor. I agree w/barb-she was good as Rachel but since then, pitiful performances, boring movies. She shoulda stayed home & had Brad's babies. She's got, like, one facial expression. Give it up, Jen-maybe start a clothing or perfume line or something.

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Ashley:  1331 days ago

maybe you should all look beyond the actress and get the meaning of the advert!
nakedness= purity= water!

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Tessa Grace:  1329 days ago

I guess I am still trying to understand why Aniston let alone anyone, would stoop this low to expose themselves. The only thing I can think of is she is looking for attention and to be validated. What a shame. And whomever said "Eat your heart out Angelina Jolie." is just as sad as a case. Physical beauty is but for a moment, does anyone realize that everytime there is a catastrofy in our Country or others, Tonados, flooding, people being wiped out for one reason or anothe, guess who along with The Salvation Army, United Way and our Troops, guess who else is there to donate money, time, and love first? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! This is what really matters in life,not nudity and who is prettier! My vote is for Jolie and Pitt, we love you. Jennifer, get some respect for yourself, you have been blessed and start helping others who have nothing.

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vince:  1311 days ago

Rock on Jen! Still looking better than most twenty-somethings at 42! Ow ow!

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Aundria :  1307 days ago

Sorry, but Jennifer is HOT...she is my total girl crush! Love her!!

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