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Jennifer Aniston Shows Skin in Sexy New Ad, Trailer

Jennifer Aniston's still got a hot bod, and she has no problem flaunting it!

In a new SmartWater print ad, the 42-year-old poses topless -- with only her a strategically placed hand keeping things G-rated. Check out the sexy photo below:


Eat your heart out Angelina Jolie!

Aniston's also generating a lot of buzz for her role in the upcoming comedy "Horrible Bosses," which stars her rumored former beau Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day.

In the film, a brunette Aniston plays a sexy dentist who terrorizes her assistant Day. She also has a penchant for lounging around in her lingerie and eating phallic-shaped foods. Check out the hilarious new trailer below:


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Lin:  1302 days ago

I think she is really airbrushed! She does not look that good in the many snapshots that are taken of her when she is out and about. It is really sad when a middle-aged woman like Aniston IS has to resort to attention-seeking nudity to take people's mind of the fact that she is a mediocre actress at best.

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Lin:  1302 days ago

Oh wow, she sounds and looks just like Rachael with dark hair. Does this woman EVER pull her own weight in a movie!?

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