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Jessie J Goes Au Naturel -- Plus More Stars Without Makeup!

Pop star Jessie J was barely recognizable yesterday at Heathrow Airport -- where she ditched her usual heavy makeup (right) for a much more natural look.

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Jessie just opened up to Cosmopolitan UK about her low-key days off, saying she'll walk around with "No makeup, hair undone…I’m totally unrecognizable! I’m happy to expose the fact that I don’t look like I do when I wear makeup. People think as soon as you get signed you look great all the time, but it’s not the case."

We think she still looks great without the face paint -- how 'bout you? Sound off below and check out our gallery above of more stars without makeup!

Comments (7)

Cath:  1341 days ago

Is it just me or does she look better without make than with makeup?

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mitchy:  1341 days ago

Wowwww wot a stunner without her usual trades mark look!!! Jessie u r amazing!!! Learnt all ur sngs within 2 days, ur voice is incredible, so unique, ur beautiful with and without make up!! And defo say 'lookkkk hu's laffin nowww!!' Bcoz ur fab!!! ;) can't wait 2 c u in L'pool woooo!! Mitch xxx

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Anda:  1340 days ago


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lucy :  1340 days ago

i was there and met her x

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chica banana:  1340 days ago

No makeup me means barefaced. She is wearing foundation, blush and lipstick in the first pic and looks like a clown in the second.

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lauren:  1340 days ago

She's still wearing makeup-- its just "natural" looking makeup... come on people...

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mitchy:  1340 days ago

No she doesn't luk like a clown at all!! At the end of the day shes a normal girl aswell as a performer. She makes herself up like that for her 'stage look' but shes still an ordinary person and unlike Gaga (hu i think is also amazing) Jessie J can b herself and not spend hrs EVERY DAY to come out in full war paint!!! Gud on her, shes really naturally pretty!! :) mitch-n- xx

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