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Snooki, Sammi & Ronnie -- 'Jersey Shore' Couples Sightings

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki has someone to take her mind off her car accident earlier this week -- her boyfriend Jionni LaValle!

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Jionni, who started dating the pint-sized reality star back in November of 2010, was spotted walking through Florence with Snooks yesterday hand-in-hand.

Snooki could use a little cheering up, as she was taken into custody by Italian police on Monday after crashing into a cop car.

Snickers and Jionni weren't the only "Jersey" couple spotted out this week -- as back-on-again duo Ronnie and Sammi also stepped out together holding hands last night.

Anyone else sick of their drama? Check out the photos above!

Comments (9)

Gabriel Ritchie:  1332 days ago

Sammi disappoints me I don't know how any girl can look up to her because if they do that is a sad example

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higgy:  1331 days ago

ohhh sammi and ronni have you seen them yet... oh but they're so spaced out.. b b b b b bennie and the jets....

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Gee:  1331 days ago

ronnie n sammi r ruining the show, i cant handle her ability to think nothing is her fault. and ronnie falls for it every time.

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Stacey:  1330 days ago

Love these two!! Hope things work out for them!!

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Heather:  1330 days ago

I love Ronnie and Sami! They make the show!

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v:  1304 days ago

Sammi seems really spoiled and she has jealousy issues. She keeps running back to a man who dogs her! She needs to open her eyes and know that she is beautiful and she deserves better

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icyy:  1302 days ago

i should slapp sammie nd ronnie

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vivi:  1302 days ago

alright first able sammy and ronnie do not make the show there a pain in the a** and they give everybody a hedache they should just brake up and sammi should leave the show

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paula :  1278 days ago

so sick of ronnie and sammie they need to be replaced

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