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'Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1' Trailer Debut!

The first trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" just made its official debut tonight during the MTV Movie Awards -- and it's filled with romance, thrills and Jacob's abs!

The trailer starts with everyone receiving Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward's (Robert Pattinson) wedding invitation, and while some are happy, it's not all smiles -- as Jacob (Taylor Lautner) angrily strips before turning into a wolf.

The clip also shows glimpses of the wedding, the bed-breaking honeymoon and Bella's pregnancy.

The movie opens November 18.

Be sure to come back later today to see more from the MTV Movie Awards -- including red carpet shots of Kristen, Rob and Taylor!

Comments (8)

Gogo:  1332 days ago

OMG I can't wait!!!

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emtx3015:  1332 days ago

Team Holy Headboard!

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mitchy:  1332 days ago

Woooooo not lng to wait xx sooo excited :) xx

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DEJAY:  1332 days ago

Holy Headboard indeed!!

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laura:  1332 days ago


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MadeleineT:  1332 days ago

That site didnt' work for me, it must have been watched a million times. Its not as dead as Edward.

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belle:  1331 days ago

oh my God..the trailer sucks...jacob taking off his shirt.i dont really understand.and the sex scenes it is hilarious..freaking gay movie..

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Kali S.:  1299 days ago

i havent seen any of the movies,ive been know to hate the movies but love jacob,and i always walk around saying twilight is stupid,but now im thinking about becoming an all out twi-heart. =]

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