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Video: Robert Pattinson Kisses Taylor Lautner!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may have won Best Kiss -- but the one that everyone will be talking about is the one between R-Patz and Taylor Lautner!

While everyone was hoping Rob and Kristen would actually lock lips on stage after winning their popcorn for their "Eclipse" kiss, they just continued to play awkward -- before Pattinson ran off into the audience to smooch his other, male co-star!

Sorry Bella.

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mr :  1335 days ago

So disappointed Rob and Kristen did not kiss. Maybe they are saving it for Breaking DawnII.

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Amy:  1335 days ago

That was a fake kiss lol their lips did not touch..will admit i am GLAD for that haha

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Monika:  1335 days ago

Rob was a ****ing embarrassment last night. Still love him though. :D ♥
I don't think it was a real kiss either, but it served its purpose did it not ? I wish he would kiss Kristen already, I mean it's the third time they've won the Best Kiss award.
Wonder what stunt he'll pull next year. :D

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Kiwi Gal:  1335 days ago

LOVED it! Think it was fab!

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Marie:  1335 days ago

I thought it was funny as hell!! =D

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anonie:  1335 days ago

to the two above me, there are pictures all over the place/screencaps/etc, and yes their lips DID in fact touch. they kissed.

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Judas:  1335 days ago

Bromance. Nice.

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Kelly:  1335 days ago

best part of the show and Rob's very funny, I like him, he's bearable lol.

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cal:  1335 days ago

I'm sure that "last joint before the show" didn't help the akwardness any. When are these kids going to learn that you can't go into an awards ceremony stoned as can be unless you're adam sandler or quentin terantino.

These kids are just starting out.. you wouldn't go into a job interview drunk would you? You've got to put in your time first, and then you can show up acting however makes you happy.

Until then, I'd save the party favors and sexcapades for the aftershow.

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cc:  1335 days ago

Eh they didn't really kiss.
Fun joke though I wasn't expecting it.

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HappySue:  1334 days ago

Looks to me like Rob kissed Taylors eye! But the kiss on the forehead and on the hand worries me! lol I think Rob is so in love with Kristen and she with him nothing else will work for them except each other. Love them...

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james:  1334 days ago

they DID kiss. lol it was hot, only because i like taylor launert

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pirahscorpion:  1334 days ago

this is truly awkard! and yes they really kissed. i m sure he regreted it afterwards..i think he was drunk like the thing he said for reese and then this! geez!!!

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Kate:  1334 days ago

Rob doesn't need weed or booze to act this way. He is at heart a bookish nerd, and I mean that in a good way. He is just a cute natural boyish goof who is ill at ease in the spot light! I love him as he is!

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Michelle duran:  1334 days ago

lets hope they do not sleepclose or their d**ks will connect

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