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Find Out What Kate Gosselin Wants in a Man

Is Kate Gosselin on the hunt for a new man?

The original Octomom asked "Access Hollywood Live" host Kit Hoover if she has any single friends during an interview on Monday's show.

The 36-year-old reality TV star said she's looking for a guy who is in his 40s and is "smart, wise, driven, determined."

“Hot?” co-host Billy Bush asked.

“Yeah, of course” Kate said. “Looks good standing next to me.” It's no surprise appearances are important to Gosselin, who underwent a tummy tuck after giving birth and reportedly gets haircuts that cost $7,000. Check out photos of the new and improved Kate below:


Looks matter to Gosselin, but not deep pockets, apparently.

“Wealthy, eh, I don’t mind working,” she explained.

Gosselin admitted her last romantic outing was “awhile ago” -- no surprise given her eight children. She's been repeatedly been linked to her bodyguard Steve Nelid, but has vehemently denied anything beyond a professional relationship.

As for the other man in her life, ex-husband Jon, things seem to have improved between the two.

“He’s actually working now, he has a job, so he has a different focus, which is good…something with roof solar panels, I think,” Gosselin said. “He’s actually making an effort to, you know, the four days a month that he has the kids, they come home happy. He’s making a better effort to have a better environment to have them visit, which is good.

“I do wish he would see them more, but that is what he has chosen,” she continued. “The kids would like to see him more. At least it’s consistent. I can at least count on those four days… but anytime he wants them more, he can have them more and he knows that.”

Do you think Gosselin will ever find the right man? Sound off in the comments below.

Comments (11)

juan del pueblo:  1333 days ago

I am sure she will find a few.... I doubt they'll reciprocate. What guy in his right mind would hook up with her?!?!?

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Madameisle:  1333 days ago

You know, jealously is a terrible thing. Give the women a break; she works hard to raise her children. I'm sure she will have no problems finding a good man who will appreciate her. She is extremely attractive and any man would be lucky to have her.

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the truth:  1333 days ago

what man wants someone who has 8 kids and wants lots of attention in the media? Jon and Kate need to take care of the 8 kids . kids come first , man later. if i had 8 it would be pretty tough to find a have to watch who u have around your kids. I'm so over Kate !! i love kids but I'm sick of the shows where kids are exposed. let kids live a normal life. Kate your so called idea of a man u want has to wait. Jon has a job and a girlfriend but he doesn't have the kids all the time. i honestly dont think you do either.only in front of the camera then u send them to the nannies. what are you gonna do when your money runs out?? your done just like that lying snob Pari******on.

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puddintang:  1333 days ago

she "is" a very attractive woman but she is going to have to learn to chill out to find and keep a man. She's too demanding, too aggressive, too LOUD. Men want to feel like men, not neutered wounded animals. She has to learn to let go of being in control and give some control to the man of the house. Stop yelling at everyone and acting like everything is filthy and beneath her. Basically, stop being a huge bitch.

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Florence:  1333 days ago

Why is it, that Kate can not do an interview,
without saying something negative about Jon?
With her attitude, she will never meet a man that will put up with her crap, the way Jon did!
So in answer to the question, will Kate ever find the right man, the answer is no way!

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juan del pueblo:  1333 days ago

@Madameisle: Sorry to disagree... 8 kids kills all sex appeal. Also, beauty is skin deep... Bitch is to the bone. I get it that as a woman you admire a certain number of things about her (and rightfully so). But look at comments by other males and you will notice that there are no takers so far.

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Gaby:  1333 days ago

I like Kate Gosselin.....I've seen her a few times at local stores and she has been very cordial with me.....She and her kids live in the country in a very beautiful home with lots of privacy....I live in the area too.....I admire her and wish her all the best.....Imagine carrying six babies and delivering these exceptional children.....Hats off to you, Kate....You deserve a happy life.....

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jenn:  1333 days ago

You guys need to get your facts straight. I understand she is not the nicest or easiest person. However, $7000 for a haircut....come on ridiculous. She had extensions added as part of a People magazine exclusive where the extensions added and work done costs $7000. As frugal as this woman or as cheap as this woman is, there is no way in hell she would pay $7000 for a haircut.

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Jason:  1333 days ago

I would love to take her out but she wants an old man..? :x

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Cat:  1333 days ago

It is sad to see that so many of you think Kate won't find love because she has 8 children. The camera's caught a very tired Jon and Kate over the yrs and what couple would not grow apart with so much on their plates? There are so many Men and Women out there that love kids and would not mind being a step parent to the kids. Also who said she is bring the would be boyfriends around the kids? I really don't care about Kate but still wish her to be happy and find love. Everyone should have someone to love! She works very hard to make money to ensure there is food on the table for the kids.
There are many mothers across the US that have 8 or more kids and living on your tax dollars... I give credit where credit should come! Even if I dislike the person. Being an Adult is not being able to knock people down, it's about growing and looking at things in a different light even though you might not like it. Grow people Grow and stop hating like a 7th grader.

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539:  1332 days ago

No dice!


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