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'Jersey Shore': Vinny Loses Shirt During Wild Night in Florence!

Vinny Guadagnino had one crazy night in Florence on Monday -- and it cost him one of his shirts.

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Vinny, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi and Deena were all spotted leaving Astor Bar last night, where things quickly got out of control.

On their walk back to their Italian home, Vin raided a flower cart, started dancing with women in the street and even started a playful fight with his male cast mates.

Looks like the ladies of Florence were O.K. with the wild activity though; A shirtless Vinny and Pauly were seen with three women on their arms.

Check out their exciting evening!

Comments (4)

natayia:  1332 days ago

i hot that fat girl is not deena if that is wow!

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Stacey:  1330 days ago

Too funny!!! In one of the photos you see Sam & Deena but not in the others? Although Ron is not in the photo w/ the three blondes, he is with the guys and you don't see Sam....are we to question their relationship status yet again?

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Yuan:  1324 days ago

The fat girl isn't Deena it's a grenade!

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Lee Dawg:  1306 days ago

the fat girl is deena

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