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Shakira Hits the Stripper Pole in Sexy New Music Video!

Shakira is known for her sexy hip-shaking and now she's upping her game -- by using her moves on a stripper pole!

The 34-year-old Colombian singer smolders in the new music video for "Rabiosa," which was released earlier today.

Not only does she show some impressive moves on the pole, Shaki also dons a new look -- wearing a short brunette bob for the video.

"Rabiosa" is the third single from Shakira's latest album, "Sale El Sol."

Comments (22)

Alexa:  1336 days ago

I love Shakira. She's very talented. I don't know why she needs to do this to get attention. the song is really good. She should just stick to shaking her hips, and not go into the slutty side.

Please Shakira, don't lower yourself. You're too good to go down that alley.

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VP:  1336 days ago

I like Shakira, but I'm not feeling this song at all or the video. I agree w/u Alexa. I think she's naturally sexy. No need to go down that alley. Just be yourself Shakira!

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Alejandra:  1336 days ago

Young girls.... please do no learn from this 34 year old woman that you have to spread your legs to the world to be relevant and get attention. I always thought Shakira at least had SOME standards but clearly she is willing to do anything to get back in the spotlight. Very sad and a horrible example to women.

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crystal:  1336 days ago

how typical.... she's all washed up and last weeks news, so she needs to be a slut to try and get back into the headlines. women like this make me sick and set the worst example for the younger generation

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jb:  1336 days ago

I have to say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Shakira. I've been following her career for a long time. Even prior to her english career days when she was only a spanish artist with dark hair and slightly overweight. It's sad because when I see this, I only see the monster that Hollywood creates once you are bitten by it. It turns legitimate artists into fame-hungry zombies, who are willing to do whatever their handlers tell them to do in order to stay relevant. So sad that Shakira now feels that she has to lower herself to being a stripper (that scene had absolutely no relevance whatsoever). Why couldn't it just be a party song in the club without he sliding down a pole to prove that she's sexy. OK.OK We know you're sexy. We get it. Now quite showing me your ass and show me your talent. I guess now that she's dating a younger man, she feels she has something to prove. 6 years til 40 is waiting a bit late, don't you think? This would have never happened if her ex was around. At least she kept her clothes on when she was with him. SMH

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MrsSwank:  1335 days ago

Umm, Did everybody miss her She Wolf/Loba video? This is tame compared to that! There are "poll dancing for Jesus" classes out there, so I don't see this as being slutty. Was it necessary in the video, probably not. But don't go calling her an over aged slut because of it. The song is great, the video is good, and I LOVE the short hair look!

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Joe:  1335 days ago

i dont get all the complaints, have none of you seen a Shakira video before?? its all the same stuff, sexually charged lyrics, sexy dancing in next to nothing. the only difference is she introduced a stripper pole, get a life people, your children shouldnt be listening to her music anyway, or maybe you could try being a parent and explain to your children the difference between fantasy world and the real world. just sayin...

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Morga:  1335 days ago


the video is supposed be a juxtaposition between fun (brunette) and slutty (blonde)

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supaflysly:  1334 days ago

Nearly all female pop singers perform half naked nowadays. It's very sad that risque behavior is more important than actual talent.

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rabiosa:  1334 days ago

She looks just like Alyssa Milano in that wig

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Bry:  1334 days ago

You complainers should go on a diet or get over your animosity and jealousy. Shakira has it, and should show and shake it.
You go Shakira !

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Tabatha :  1334 days ago

Ummmm... I highly doubt that "pole dancers for Jesus" would do it in a bikini. And she's not as young as she used to be so her performances should show that. I just think with her voice, she could do better videos that focus on her talent and not her "assets".

I don't like the brown wig as much. Just not the same Shakira without the long blonde locks!

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crystal:  1333 days ago

@bry.... go on a diet? get over anomosity or jealousy?? lol GET OVER URSELF.... im far from jealous or needing to go on a diet ect lol its simlpy.. women dont need to be slutty or act slutty to get attention, if she has talent then thats all she need. and by the way joe !!! i dont let my kids watch this ****. i have an opinion and i will express it. women wonder why they get called names and treated like meat. WELL THERE YA GO... its this sort of crap that have men believing in a fake world of women !!!

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Bob:  1333 days ago

Not nearly enough of her pole dancing, sorry to sound sexist about it, but I'm not a fan of her music at all, but she deffinitely knows how to dance. It always seemed like she had part of her spine removed to get her hips to move like that. Smoking hot.

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DebbieP:  1332 days ago

Pretty lame...boring!

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