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Kirstie Alley Seen Kissing Younger Man in NYC!

Kirstie Alley can't keep her lips away from younger men!

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The 60-year-old actress -- who has already kissed former "Dancing with the Stars" partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy and celeb dancer Romeo -- was spotted in NYC today planting a wet one on another young guy.

Who is he? No clue. But he's definitely hot.

The former "Fat Actress" star has been noticeably skinnier since competing in the ABC reality show -- and told the press she had to get one of her dresses from the season premiere taken in 38 inches to wear again during the finale.

What do you think -- Friendly peck or something more? Sound off below!

UPDATE: As one viewer noticed, the hottie is Ted Volynets, one of the dancers in the "Dancing with the Stars" Dance Troupe. Kirstie also Tweeted a shirtless photo of him today.

Comments (7)

Susan:  1331 days ago

Is that Ted Volynets, one of the guys from the dwts-troupe?

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Lauren Ashley:  1331 days ago

Yeah, that is Ted Volynets. He is 21, and they have been seen together a few times.

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Jen :  1331 days ago

I bet he is just helping her stay in shape. As we have seen she loves kissin the youngsters! Can't say I blame her. GO KRISTIE!

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Margaret Mc:  1331 days ago

You go girl!

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Lynn:  1331 days ago

It looks like she's kissing him on the chin. Did they know the photographer was watching? Where they faking it?

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Crone Jay:  1331 days ago

What's the big deal? 60 year old men have been doing the deed with 18 to 20 year olds [or younger] for centuries.

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Michelle :  1330 days ago

I'm all for older women dating younger men.
I understand it when the woman is hot. Kristie Alley needs to lose a few more pounds. THis dude is cute not HOT. In NYC guys that look like him are average. Her hair is wet and they look like they just finished effing which is a great calorie burner so she should do that often

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