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Princess Kate Goes Glam at UK Charity Gala

William and Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, stepped out to the Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) 10th Anniversary Gala dinner tonight in London --  and, with the exception of her wedding day, we've never seen her look more glamorous!

Wearing a gorgeous, Swarovski crystal embellished pink gown from Jenny Packham's Spring Summer 2011 collection, the oh-so-skinny Middleton was all smiles as she and her tuxedo-wearing Prince arrived to the dinner.

The event is their first appearance at an evening gala as a married couple.

According to the Daily Mail, tickets to the annual children's charity benefit are pricey -- with guests shelling out over $16,000 for a ticket or over $81,000 for a table of 10.

Comments (9)

ELI:  1333 days ago

Kate looks so beautiful in her pink crystal dress.

Going back to the meeting with the Obamas, Kate looked lovely and Michelle Obama looked like a joke in her pink and green dress!

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Jus:  1333 days ago

She's just absolutely stunning.
She puts so many of these celebs to shame. She has style and grace. William is a lucky man.

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Ed:  1333 days ago

Why are you calling her Kate Middleton? The press did not call Princess Di Diana Spencer after she married Price Charles. Kate is now HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Or at least Mrs. Wales, as her Prince refers to her.

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M:  1333 days ago

Yeah- not 'too fab' dropping her title. What's with 'Kate Middleton'? Is she not now Princess Catherine at the very least?

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amanda:  1333 days ago

Damn it, I was going to wear that dress. We share good taste.

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Sara:  1333 days ago

Many people referred to Princess Diana simply as Diana....its a reflection of people feeling she is one of them and not really buying into the whole British pomp of royal titles and haughty attitude. I doubt if Kate Middleton really cares what you call her....she doesn't seem to be one of those uptight Britons.

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sandra:  1331 days ago

Why is anyone comparing Kate to Mrs. Obama? First of all the role of US Pres and the Queen are entirely different, the role of Cameron's wife would be more similar to that of Mrs. Obama.

Secondly, even so, Michelle Obama wore some pretty fantastic outfits while she was in the UK. The pink and green wasn't my favourite, but she still looked classy. I thought it was more attractive than the beige plaster inspired dress that Kate wore that day.

Back to Kate, in my opinion she is looking dangerously thin now, she's getting that "lolly" head look. So thin that her head is looking too large for her body. I hope she stops and puts a little weight back on.

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Linda:  1327 days ago

Kate is a very pretty girl but I agree she's too thin now. I've wondered if history is repeating itself and she is developing anorexia. It's also not a good message to be giving young British teenage girls.

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Shaydie:  1326 days ago

Michelle Obama was wearing pink and blue, not pink and green. What pictures are you guys looking at?
And I agree, no more Kate Middleton, her last name is Windsor now.

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