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Michelle Williams Steps Out With New Boyfriend

Michelle Williams has a new man.

The 31-year-old actress is dating 33-year-old director Cary Fukunaga. The couple stepped out in Brooklyn, New York on Monday. Check out photos of the two on a summer stroll and holding hands:

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Fukunaga is a bit of a hot item in Hollywood right now, having directed the critically acclaimed adaptation of "Jane Eyre" featuring Mia Waskikowska ("Alice in Wonderland") and Michael Fassbender ("X-Men: First Class"). He was born in California and is of Swedish and Japanese descent.

Williams definitely has an eye for creative types. She dated another director -- Spike Jonze -- from 2008 to 2009. She and the late Heath Ledger fell in love while filming "Brokeback Mountain," and welcomed a daughter Matilda in October 2005. They had broken before his shocking death in 2008.

Do you think they make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments below!

Comments (7)

bc:  1329 days ago

she looks pregnant. not trying to start rumors. the last time i saw pictures of her she was skinny as a bone. maybe it is the dress but her stomach looks pregnant and her face and arms are bigger. she does not look fat she looks pregnant.

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Nancy K:  1329 days ago

I thought the same thing!

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Suz:  1329 days ago

She definitely looks pregnant!!!

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Wocka:  1329 days ago

She looks fat. Check out the arms.

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Marla:  1328 days ago

I wish all these people would stop trying to sell their s*** in this comments section. Why can't they get a Website, they're losers. lol. Now, to the issue at hand. YES, they are a cute couple and she does not look fat. Although, I can't argue that she does look pregnant -- the dress, and her stomach area looks big. Also, she looks a little puffy in the face. But, that would be nice for her, I guess. He is a good-looking guy, he looks happy with her, she looks happy with him, and Matilda needs a sibling now. She's about 6. Good luck to them.

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david horton:  1328 days ago

Ya know if anyone deserves some happiness it is michelle. Hoping this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. They both look like they are really enjoying each others company. In this day and age if you have at least someone trustworthy to lean on that means alot. Good on ya Michelle.

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Michelle :  1328 days ago

He's cute
I'm a NYC girl and it's hard to find anyone that wants to stick around. She was dating spike Jonze or something and that fizzled out too. They look cute together let's hope it lasts longer than a mosquito's life span

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