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Hugh Hefner's Fiancee Releases First Single -- Listen Now!

Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner's 25-year-old fiancee, is entering the music biz -- and we've got your first full listen to her debut single, "Club Queen."


Harris, who will marry the 85-year-old Playboy mogul this Saturday, will release the song on iTunes tonight at midnight.

Harris tells Toofab "I'm so excited for everyone to hear it. We just got back from performing it at the o
opening of the Playboy club in London!"

Crystal recorded the song with the help of vocal coach Seth Riggs, who has previously worked with Madonna, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross.

What do you think of Harris' dance club-ready track? Sound off below!

Comments (13)

Katie Hunt:  1326 days ago

Is it just me or is this a total rip off of "if you seek amy" ??

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chrissy:  1326 days ago

well the song is not great but she does have a good voice ALTHOUGH you do have to wonder if she actually does sound like that, god knows how much tweeking they did to her voice

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Ginger:  1326 days ago

She has a very good voice. Why the hell is she singing Britney Spears!??!?!?!?!!!??!?!?! She needs to not copy Britney Spears' music and voice. This song is so boring!!

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CC:  1325 days ago

Young girl marrying old guy for money and fame..oldest story in the book..and saddest. Just like that bimbo who married Spector. You can make an album but nobody's going to buy it.

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vannessa:  1325 days ago

He should stayed with Holly!!! Holly love him so much...

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wisdomreigns:  1325 days ago

she shoulda taken the few hundred a week. that music career is doa. probably end up being a toy for every so called producer around...then thrown back into the ocean after shes used up.

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littlepeg:  1325 days ago

i betcha cant listen to the whole song! (i almost did)

what's great about it is that its not edgy, not gritty, not sexy and its so super smooth in production values that there's nothing to hang onto, no soul, just a vibed voice that could be anybody's voice repeating some vacuous lyrics over and over again to the point where i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who hasnt changed the channel.

but the brilliant part is its also not clubby. not dancy. not trancy. and not cool.

... and you know you didnt have to dump Hef for a music career; you coulda had both and now youve just got this dead end. some kids dont have good judgement and cant take reasonable advice. whaddya do? let em fail ... or succeed ... who knows ... i dont make the rules.

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k:  1325 days ago

Her first single should have been called..."Gold Digger."

Holly was way better--Hef, go back!

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Taz:  1324 days ago

Sounds just like Heidi Montag, and that's not a compliment!

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sergio homes:  1324 days ago

is this for real? does she really think anyone wants to actually hear this? id rather punched in the air.

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anxta:  1323 days ago

Wrost than Rebecca Black. Black's song was so memorable I cant get it out of my head no matter how hard I try. This song is so unmemorable and similar I don't need to hear it again because I will, from another tanking celeb in anohter couple of months.

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Louise:  1322 days ago

LOL! It's ALL autotuned! She brags her dad was a singer, but he only sang in the pub HE OWNED!
Let's see her do it LIVE.

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Elena:  1319 days ago

My sincere thoughts: Crystal if the two reasons for cancelling are true. These are not mature reasons for ending an engagement. However, ending the engagement due to being honest with yourself is more likely. A relationship with a much older man is just not as pleasurable or exciting. The limits are beyond tolerable for a young body.
Hugh at this point in your life accepting to marry again was to over-look the reality of being past physical capabilities and self-respect.
Affection for a short lived period is likely the best affection given by the younger of the couple to the mature one of the couple.
True love and respect could not have been present from either person to the other. The end was a better decision in the long run no matter what either may want to verbalize to defend their honor or say to protect their ego.
I sincerely hope that each of you find the happiness you desire without staging or fooling your inner selves.
:] E

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