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Photos: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Go Puppy Shopping!

Looks like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are expanding their family before getting married -- by adding a puppy to the mix!

The two put on a united front amid rumors Kim cheated on Kris with Bret Lockett -- rumors she's planning to sue over -- by stepping out together this weekend together at Petco.

Adorable puppy in hand, Kim and Kris stopped by the pet supply store to pick up some travel crates.

While they haven't officially announced their addition yet, the two tweeted about the dog last week -- Kim saying "I miss my hump @KrisHumphries! Can't wait for u to come home & bring the babies with u! This will be fun!!!! *wink wink* Petco here we come!"

Check out the puppy pics above!

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Gina:  1323 days ago

Come on people does anyone really care about these over exposed, you watch it they cash in people? All these Kardashian women marrying sports figures...They live large but at some point these boys won't make the big bucks!.. I avoid all these Kardashian shows, I think it shows the youth of American a tainted unrealistic view of life and only shows that materialism is important. Turn them off!....Let then get real jobs! Kris Kardashian needs to get a life beyond her girls...she's greedy and would whore anyone of them out for money!...Check yourself Kris.

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Mellani:  1321 days ago

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haha:  1320 days ago

Kim & her whole fam is just money hungry

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