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Mary-Kate vs. Ashley Olsen: Who's Who?!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 25 today. The sisters -- who are fraternal, not identical twins -- have spent their entire lives in the public eye, playing toddler Michelle Tanner on "Full House" and later becoming media moguls and fashionistas.

Think you can tell them apart? Click through our gallery and guess which twin is Mary-Kate. The next photo will reveal which one is her.


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Comments (6)

Nika:  1328 days ago

The one on the left is Mary Kate

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Amy:  1327 days ago

whoever looks most homeless is always mary-kate

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Durack:  1327 days ago

They are identical twins also known as mirror twins. Look it up.

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truth hurts:  1327 days ago

You must be mistaken...They are obviously identical twins.

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bigcid:  1327 days ago

I believe in photo five, the one with the tux jackets is wrong. You stated that Mary Kate was on the left,but I believe she is on the right. If you look closely at all photos, Their chins are different. Ashley's chin is more pointed.

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Carlee:  1327 days ago

If you're going to have a gallery saying who's should know who's who. On slide #10 Mary-Kate is on the right. Unbelievable.
And yes, they are fraternal twins, Durack/truth hurts. That's a fact.

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