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Aniston Goes Pantsless, Braless for Allure!

No pants, no problem for Jennifer Aniston!

The sexy, 42-year-old star kept it simple for the July issue of Allure magazine -- posing with "Horrible Bosses" co-star Jason Bateman in nothing more than a blazer and a pair of briefs.

Along with the revealing spread, Aniston also tells the mag about her first job as an extra on her father, John Aniston's, soap opera "Search for Tomorrow."

"When I was 12, I asked him if I could get a part on his show. I wore a yellow skating outfit, and I was kinda large. It's hard to look good in yellow, and I certainly did not. I remember I got a check for about $100, and I was blown away."

She also talked about her times waiting tables -- and, like her "Friends" alter-ego Rachel Green, she wasn't very good at it.

"I dropped more than one Alpine burger in customers' laps, and you just do not want all of that Swiss cheese and mushrooms in your pants," she says, "I wasn't a good waitress, but I was told that I was very nice and charming, so people liked me anyway."

See more from Jen and her "Horrible Bosses" co-star when the new Allure drops June 21.

Comments (11)

MIKE:  1323 days ago

She doesnt have to be slezzy to be sexy,she is sexy without dressing like a hooker.

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My2-cents:  1323 days ago

The picture is too photo shopped and doesn't need to be! And why does aniston feel she has to keep removing her clothes

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moso:  1323 days ago

As for Jennifer, she is just insecure and needs you to see her body half naked all of the time in order for you to look at her. She makes it a big deal that she is over 40 and looks good. She does but ENOUGH ALREADY!!! No kids, trainers, cooks and a schedule where you can work out for hours a day HELPS!!!

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Dee:  1323 days ago

She's gorgeous as always.

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Sarita:  1323 days ago

It's not removing clothes if you haven't put them on to begin with and it's not like she's 17 with tweens idolizing her...

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Jane:  1323 days ago


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Nic:  1323 days ago

she looks hawt! and so does jason

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nicole:  1323 days ago

This is Marie Claire, not Allure

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wrong magazine:  1323 days ago

uhmm that's for marie claire magazine, not allure.

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p:  1323 days ago

There is nothing 'photo shopped' about Jennifer Aniston. She is a natural beauty.

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lolaluvs2snack:  1320 days ago

Jenny always looks great, Angie not so much. It must suck that Jen is about 10 years older and looks younger than her.

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