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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries' Pricey Wedding Registry!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries registered for wedding gifts yesterday with the help of mama Kris Jenner -- and they picked one pricey spot!

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The trio and an unknown friend were all spotted at Gearys Beverly Hills, a luxury store for jewelry and dinnerware.

We dug around the expensive store's website and found a registry under Kim and Kris' name -- which included items like a $6,500 vase, a $1,650 coffeepot, a $950 crystal pitcher and a $470 8x10 frame.

The registry under their name also lists the "Event Date" as October 31, 2011 -- Halloween.

After leaving Gearys, the engaged couple met up with Lamar Odom and Scott Disick at Ermenegildo Zegna, where they likely had their first fitting for wedding tuxedos.

FYI -- E! cameras trailed the groups at both locations, so expect to see this all again on TV.

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ronin:  1328 days ago

I'll probably go the card with cash route.

Or perhaps a $50 gift card at walmart

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lucy:  1328 days ago

A barf bag seems appropriate.

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AyeJay:  1327 days ago

When are the Kardashians going to go away? I'm soooo tired of hearing about them.

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tina:  1327 days ago

There's nothing like throwing "we have money, you don't" lifestyle in a economy poor country. I bet daddy "K" would be disgusted by the trampy nature the Kardashian name has done, but he did help protect a murderer.

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Susan M:  1327 days ago

I would put this under the file "Who Gives A F&%$#$% S*&%!

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jealous of kate:  1327 days ago

according to wedding etiquette, don't you have a YEAR to buy a present? $1650 for a coffee maker? PLEASE, I would send a pic with a note that it will come(whatever I bought) on their first anniversary, if they make it that long. After all, how much are they going to pay to the wedding? You KNOW that Momma Kris is auctioning off or having sponsers for EVERYTHING POSSIBLE for this wedding-we had 2 in this, where she was registered, and BTW, THE GUYS ARE GETTING FITTED FOR TUXES AT -

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Lady:  1327 days ago

Should have registered for souls, dignity and self-respect.

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David P.:  1327 days ago

Please! This la-te-da lifestyle of 2 million dollar rings, pricey gift registry and look at me...all awhile people struggle to pay their mortgages and feed their families...the things we idolize and fill our precious minds with is important…and the way our culture is going is sad!

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lolita:  1327 days ago

HER wedding is just business

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karen darvin:  1327 days ago

good gr ief they never stop..what would you expect? happily consuming and expecting everyone else to do the same, they sure do like to shop and get material things, well, so do it, so i t hink I'll just throw that cash into my checking account or creditcard bo ttomless pit

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Pilikajean:  1327 days ago

This wedding is just for show. Why else would the pre-nup say they each get to keep what they make during the marriage. It is all about the money, money! One day all three girls are going to want a normal life and will be shocked that they can't have one. They have traded happiness or money. Kris is going to get the blame for all of this when it hits the fan.

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Kmom:  1327 days ago

If it is really her registry.....I LOVE her plate sets!!!

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ronin:  1327 days ago

$1,650 for a coffee pot and the chick can't even buy jeans without holes in them?


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ronin:  1327 days ago

oh wait....I get it....

The ventilated jeans are to air out her *******

good thinking on her part

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kat:  1327 days ago

Khloe is going to need a tent when she goes for her fitting

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