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Leighton Meester Debuts New 'Do -- Better with Bangs?

Leighton Meester is bangin'!

media_removed_toofab 102011
The "Gossip Girl" star showed off a new 'do last night while performing a concert at the Troubadour -- where she was looking a little Olivia Wilde-ish with bangs.

What do you think of her new look? Vote below -- and check out the gallery to see other stars who have rocked a similar haircut.

Comments (4)

smashley:  1322 days ago

neither.... yuck

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Dana:  1322 days ago

She looks like Winnie Cooper aka Danica McKellar now.

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Montana:  1284 days ago

I like both ways. A girls gotta change it up every now n then. Props to her for trying a new look. I'm not brave enough to do the bangs look.

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April:  1280 days ago

She is a beautiful young lady both ways but I like her hair better without but you have to give her credit for cutting bangs, I wish I had the nerve.

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