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Olivia Wilde Without Makeup in Hawaii

Olivia Wilde hit the beach in Hawaii to watch the sunset last night -- and she did it makeup-free.

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The "Tron: Legacy" star, who is in Maui for the Maui Film Festival, stepped out with a fresh face on Tuesday in a pink t-shirt and long, white linen skirt.

Wilde is definitely enjoying the sights, tweeting "Holy heaven. Maui is so pretty I want to take it out for drinks and get it pregnant."

Wilde will be awarded the Shining Star Award tomorrow night.

Comments (4)

smashley:  1326 days ago

She is just sooo gorgeous!!!!

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p:  1324 days ago

she is not gorgeous with no make up on!!!she looks so wierd!!

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daveym:  1304 days ago

She looks beautiful with no makeup. I love my wife without makeup also. It is animalistic when women are natural and not hiding behind the fakeness of makeup and other cover ups. This society is so pathetic demanding all women to be everything they aren't! Way to go Olivia, I wish more would follow suit (until they hit the wall then PILE IT ON PLEASE!!!!! ;=) )

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Scott:  1302 days ago

She looks normal. Which is sexy, beautiful!

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