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Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' Video -- Watch It Now!

0616_gaga_largeLady Gaga just released her brand new video for "The Edge of Glory" -- and, while it looks pretty, it won't have you trying to copy any "Bad Romance"-style choreography.

"Edge of Glory" is definitely one of Gaga's most simple videos to date, starring just her and saxophone player Clarence Clemons -- who was hospitalized this week after suffering a "serious stroke" -- jamming around a New York City street set.

Check out the video above. What do you think of the scaled-back Gaga? Sound off below!

Comments (8)

Reality Check:  1320 days ago

Wake me when it's over....

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Christine:  1320 days ago

LOVE it! Its like Rocky Horror Picture Show meets RENT meets Showgirls! I love her! She is sooo beautiful! <3333

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Crytt:  1320 days ago

I love Lady GaGa and that was a really rather tame video for her, but it was still good! I couldn't stop watching her!

Rock on fellow Little Monsters

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Mikki:  1320 days ago

I liked it. Mother Monster looks great, and I love the 80's vibe of the song.

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Patricia:  1320 days ago

The saxaphone was awesome. Lady Gaga is one very artistic person.

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Drew:  1319 days ago

she's gorgeous

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jj:  1315 days ago

Wait.. when did my ass get a recording contract?

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jb:  1311 days ago

lady gag are u a antichrist

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