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Lady Gaga's Meat Dress -- See What It Looks Like Now!

Lady Gaga really made a statement when she walked the red carpet in red meat back at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and now, nine months later, her famous frock is going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The dress, which was kept in a meat locker, placed in chemicals and dried out by taxidermists before it was transported to the museum, was unveiled today at the Cleveland museum (right).

The Hall of Fame will display the Argentinian beef heels the singer wore as well.

Check out the gallery to get a closer look!

Comments (11)

meme:  1326 days ago

i don't think that is the same dress

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.:Loki4Ever:.:  1326 days ago

EwwwwWWwww! Almost as nasty as her face!!!

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pam:  1326 days ago

People have to remember the dress was made of REAL MEAT. So, part of it would have been lost to spoilage and when it was dried it would darken and shrink (think beef jerky people). The chemicals used on it would help to preserve it but it couldn't keep it looking exactly like it did on that night.So to those that think it isn't the same dress, I seriously doubt it isn't authentic. Oh, and I still say eeewwwwwww!

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Kellie:  1326 days ago

Meat looks alot different after it's been dried...that's the same dress. I didn't think that thing was real to begin with

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RR:  1326 days ago

This is a 100% stolen idea from a 1991 art exhibit in Ottawa Canada. The exhibit was titled "The meat dress". Theme was " I'm not a piece of meat" Google 1991 Ottawa meat dress exhibit. Another stolen Kaka idea.

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Sez:  1326 days ago

I know it's been preserved so it'll look a little different (texture-wise), but the hemline is wrong (the original had a long front piece hiding her crotch, while the second one looks like her underpants would be on show if she wore it now). You can't say one piece of meat at the front perhaps shrunk so much when others stayed as big. I say it's a different dress or it's been altered other than just being preserved.

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Samantha:  1326 days ago

I don't know why society pays attention to her, she is repulsive.

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Aggy:  1325 days ago

Are people really that upset over a meat dress...? She's a great artist. get over it. How pathetic do you sound getting angry at a dress?

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xnobozos:  1325 days ago

That is what you call a real "JERKY"outfit!

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Gordo:  1325 days ago

Its a jerky dress now, watch out for Sasquatch!

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victor ramirez:  1325 days ago

I love Lady Gaga , cuz she is just awesome in many ways , paws up monsters , we love Gaga , the queen , Mother Monster , Gaga for ever , by the way I think that dress is GAGALICIOUS!!!!!!

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