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Selena Gomez Gets Sexy & Silly At New Music Video Shoot

Selena Gomez is changing her image for her new music video -- and channeling her inner geek, hippie and sexy pop star!

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In just-released photos from the 18-year-old's shoot for "Love You Like a Love Song," Justin Bieber's girlfriend plays some serious dress-up, changing into at least 5 different outfits -- including a tight, bejeweled corset.

The photos were taken last month, before the singer's hospital scare, which she just told reporters was due to not eating correctly.

"I love everything that's possibly not good for me," says Gomez, adding "I love M&M's, Kit Kat, Snickers, Goobers... I did hang at KFC a lot."

The song will hit iTunes next Tuesday.

Check out all the set shots!

Comments (7)

Serkalem:  1323 days ago

soooo sexy, hotty....luv u
one of ur fan

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Jasmine Villegas:  1322 days ago

shes a bitch and no one likes her and shes only adting that douche bag jb because of fame publicity and the money!!!!!!!!! i would know because thats what jb told me!!

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me:  1316 days ago

Yall ned to stop. shes not doing anything wrong. Leave her alone. Shes a 18 year old girl. stop hating becuz ur not famous and ur ll losers. HATERZ. selena we luv u! but plz dnt be a miley!!!

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bella:  1316 days ago

looking sexy and hot

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plum:  1314 days ago

selena gomez is really good person; let her and jb BE!

and fyi, miley is just growing up, give her a break!
ppl who are 18 , do WORST-things then her!
soo chill,

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MileyLoverrr:  1299 days ago

slutlena is just using JB for fame she is using him just like she was using nick that dude frm the show "glee" and has used taylor all of them just for fame and she copy off of course the queen MILEY CYRUS and she ditched Demi for Taylor S when Demi was in rehab and she used taylor demi and miley all for fame just like a famewhore she is so then next will be Cody Simpson or Greyson Chance. then she might turn into a lesbo like what she is now but god knows shes aqlready a lesbo she just dont show it. and i think its nasty to date ur "little brother" ok slutlena thats just gross. and all slutlena does is promote herself in interviews and on Twitter, Facebook, ect. and plus after Miley started to release her clothing line slutlena started doing the same. nobody will wear that cheap ass stuff and she is trying to change Justin hes ignoring fans his family thinks hes changing in a bad way right after he started to date slutlena. and in her new music video shes a tramp she copy off of old time things and steal and copy off of other celebs and try to act like them and **** saying "oh im not prefect" when she knows that she really think "yeah i f**king perfect than u mofo" and plus she is too tramp like to even sing shes not a good singer she is a horrid one every time i listen to her music my ears just burns badly and bleed and gosh and cant even hit a high c note it sounds like a crying pig just like what she is and her mom is a stage mom her mom wanted to be a famous actress but she couldnt so she pushed slutlena into doing all this crap so then after the show "Barney" has ended with her she moved on to disney and thats when her and the queen Miley Cyrus befriended. so then after that Miley invited selena into a video with her. then came the cutie Demi. when she was helped with the JoBros she was pretty well famous. so after that selena was still friends with miley but they didnt hang out that much so then selena moved on to demi and when "Camp Rock2" came out thats when selena was ditching the Queen and the Cutie [Miley and Demi] for the Sweetheart Taylor Swift then when selena was hanging out so much time with Taylor selena got sick of Taylor and dumped her for some other dude... then this turned out that she has no fans at all only sluts, whores, and idiots who are her fans... and guys too if they think she is hot she is not she looks like a rats ass and a dog face mixed together. so just forget her and start likeing the Queen Miley Ray Cyrus, Demetria [Demi] Devonne Lovato, or Taylor Allison Swift] and if ur thinking im a crazy b***h well then im not i just hate sluts and famewhore. so thi*****e goes out to 1st her sluttly mom who wanted her to ruin her life and 2nd the one and only slutlena hoemess she is the reason why children are dying these days one song can kill a baby, infant, kid, adults, even crazy people. so go back and if you want to stop all this stupid drama dont talk about her, delete her music frm everywhere, dont buy anything that hers [toys,games,dvds,cds,clothing,and no singing to her songs!!!] don*****ch any videos of hers [music vid,WOWP,ect] delete all pictures, throw away all pictures, and all crap that has her face on it or talk about her so everyone can forget about her.

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stephanie23:  1293 days ago

like honestly jasmine ur the bitch cause she actually lies justin and how did u talk to justin bieber eh?? so u lied and ur a bitch with a captial B and dont be starting ****

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