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Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour -- See the Sexy Costumes!

Britney Spears kicked off her brand new Femme Fatale tour last night in Sacramento -- and we've got shots of all the sizzling costumes she wore during the show!

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While we have no clue how her performance was (though reviews are positive), Spears looked great in a number of different sexy get-ups, including a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress, studded short shorts and a golden bikini.

The show definitely looks like a spectacle, with Britney riding a motorcycle and giant guitar, giving a lap dance to one lucky fan and even rising up on a giant swing as an aerialist dangled below

Check out all the photos above -- and be sure to come back later, we'll be posting a couple videos from the concert!

Comments (9)

Loneinacrowd:  1320 days ago

Her costumes might be hot but it would all be so much better if she didn't lip sync. I just could never go to her show knowing she doesn't sing live.

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jess:  1320 days ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE.!! cant wait to see her in concert soon.!

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Brandon:  1320 days ago

She did sing live perez hilton went to one of her dress rehearsels and said that she sang live for most of the concert thats why he was so shocked if u looked at the videos youd see that.

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Scotty Daniels:  1320 days ago

She sang almost the whole thing live last night in Sacramento! This is her best tour ever!

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shakia:  1320 days ago

Ummmm.... wow thats all I have to say

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Sabrina916:  1320 days ago

Was at the show last night and she was amazing!!! Great mix of old and new songs. And her costumes were hot. I love Britney!!!!!!

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Steph:  1319 days ago

i like her music and i think shes cool. but her manly body is so unattractive

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PONTAIS:  1316 days ago

very very beautiful I love you britney you are my avenir i would like child with you and i would living with you today because Iam afraid in frech the people persecutly me and the world and people are very very bad with me I would to save me my heart is for you ....come come the people will attack me.....please ....Igoing to die.........

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Rickstar:  1295 days ago

It would be funny if she came on stage with her blow up doll... i think stars should work it and make their share of royalitys.. just like this one >>

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