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Patricia Heaton's New 'Do -- Kris Jenner Plus Kate!

Question: What do you get when you combine Kris Jenner's raven locks and Kate Gosselin's femullet?

Answer: Patricia Heaton's new hairdo.

The "Everybody Loves Raymond" actress arrived at the 2011 Critics' Choice Television Awards with a questionable new hairstyle.

She wasn't the only one to turn heads though. "The Big Bang Theory's" Kaley Cuoco also made attention in billowy blue pantsuit. Check out all the photos below:

What do you think of Patricia's new 'do?

Comments (9)

wendy brenner:  1317 days ago

Come on! It was bad enough when Kate had that ugly a** cut, now Patrica has it? Is she losing her mind as she gets older?

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Just sayin'..:  1317 days ago

I think it looks more like Sharon Osbourne...

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Julie:  1317 days ago

WTF Kris Jenner? It looks NOTHING like Kris Jenner!! Not the cut, the color, NOTHING!

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CDS:  1317 days ago

I think she looks more like Tori Spelling. She used to have a similar cut.

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Dismayed:  1317 days ago

Kaley Cuoco "drew" attention in billowy blue pantsuit, She did not "make" attention.
TMZ is one of the worst offenders when it comes to butchering the English language on a daily basis.
Is this your contribution to the "dumbing down" of America ?

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ShakingHeadNotCrying:  1317 days ago

So what if Patricia Heaton got a new summer cut? It's the damned summer and she is fine with me. I like her hair. She is lovely with or without short hair. I like people who make changes. She can do what she pleases. Short or long -- hair grows so try something new and enjoy!!

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Lauryn:  1317 days ago

Patricia Heaton's hairdo, compared to Jenner's and Gosselin's hairdo-nots?! Seriously, who really gives a crap, in light of the devastating news of Ryan Dunn's, (and his passenger's), untimely deaths, (regardless of the cir****tances)?!?! Does the world really give two s**ts about hair comparisons between 3 of the most vain and empty-headed people in Hollywood?! Just sayin'......RIP, Ryan and friend.

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JackieY:  1284 days ago

It's not the Kate Gosselin, it's the Adam Lambert and it looks awesome! (I had the mine cut the same way when Adam burst onto the scene.)

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Joy:  1248 days ago

Short hair is the best!!! So many people are so old fashioned and think long hair is the best. Duh!!!!! People just don't realize short hair makes you look younger especially as you age. I am 56 and people think I am in my thirties.

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