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Paris Hilton Confirms Split with Cy Waits

Paris Hilton is officially a single lady.

The reality TV star and boyfriend of about a year Cy Waits have called it quits, Paris confirms to George Lopez on "Lopez Tonight."

"We’re not together anymore. I love him and we remain really good friends," Hilton says on tonight's episode, adding "I feel like the relationship ran its course and we’ll see what happens."

Watch Paris break the news below:

Paris and Cy, a former Vegas nightclub owner, started dating last spring and have spent most of their relationship in the public eye -- with a lot of their drama playing out on Hilton's reality show, "The World According to Paris."

The two have always been overly affectionate on almost every red carpet they've been on together and even have matching mug shots from their August arrests in Las Vegas.


Check out the gallery above for a relationship timeline!

Comments (4)

Damon:  1319 days ago

I think she finally figured-out he was part polynesian/native and ditched him like she did with Vin Diesal!

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.:  1319 days ago

Seemed like a nice guy, but very possessive & who also did not trust...... Texting & calling over & over, just blowin' up the phone, etc...


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mannequin:  1319 days ago

That's too bad, he seemed to have a good influence on her, kinda stabilized her. It's also sad because he has kids, doesn't he? I'm sure they developed a relationship as well.

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Sunny:  1319 days ago

Paris doesn't know how to have a normal, stable relationship.

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