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Britney Spears Flashes a Cop in New 'I Wanna Go' Video!

The full music video for Britney Spears' latest single "I Wanna Go" is here -- and it's definitely her most bizarre to date.


Kicking off with Britney saying she's having quintuplets with Brad Pitt at a press conference, she then drops a memorable, obscenity-laden quote from "Half Baked" before going out into the world to flash a police officer, battle Terminator paparazzi and road trip in a bikini top with Guillermo Diaz -- who, for some reason, douses himself with milk.

Yeah ... like we said ... bizarre.

While odd, it's definitely a fun video for Spears, who is currently touring with Nicki Minaj -- and Britney looks great with her pink extensions and Mickey Mouse skull crop-top, a nod to her days on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Like the video or is it just too weird? Sound off below!

Comments (26)

Woot:  1315 days ago

Uh....................... yeah. No.

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Chelso.:  1315 days ago

I'm so over Britney.

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je:  1315 days ago

love it

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Stephanie:  1315 days ago

That was so stupid. Can she even sing anymore 'cause I sure didn't hear singing in this video. It is just crap.

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seatrouble:  1315 days ago

C'mon admit it...most 30-year olds would kill to look as good as her. I think the vid is hilarious, especially the milk dousing. It's silly summer fun/satire. And ya gotta admit, the beat is fresh and fun for the summer.

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cafe456:  1315 days ago


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Deven:  1315 days ago

Did someone not listen to lyrics? At all? I think it's also a nod to her mental breakdown. The video is supposed to be tongue in cheek.

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Stop judging:  1315 days ago

LOVE IT! No matter how you criticize her, there's only one britney who can pull it off. She's 30, with kids, a millionaire, and has tons of #1 hits. No other stars have accomplished, if you tried to take Pari******on to do what Britney does, we all know that the music would not sound the same.
Britney knows her niche and plays it well, we all have niches she just happens to be publically loved and I think this video allows her to lash out. She's been performing since a little kid and recovered from a nervous breakdown, give her a break. If you have that many people hounding you, you begin to express your true feelings. Love her!

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B:  1315 days ago

I love it! Britney Rocks! I really want those knee high socks too!

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Christian:  1315 days ago

Briney looks AMAZING!!! The song is definitely gonna be a HIT!!! After what Britney's been through these past few years, she is definiely here to STAY!!! Your fans love you Britney

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Mark :  1315 days ago

LOVE IT!! So cute and funny!! BRITNEY is the Queen of Pop!! Video of the Year!

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Genevieve:  1315 days ago

C'mon Britney leave this kind of crap to young singers like avril lavigne... You look too old and tired for this sh*t... Grow up lady!

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maria:  1315 days ago

I LOVE Badass Britney!

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kristen hunt:  1315 days ago

stupid dam video she is such a slut she thinks she's all that i am so over Britney i used to like her songs and all but not anymore of what she did like 2 years ago or longer or what is she trying to make her comeback and be famous again lammmmmmeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jelee:  1315 days ago

Um yeah, so she also flashed a child at the same time she flashed a cop--that would constitute a felony act of sexual child abuse--anyone even catch that?????? disgusting.

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