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'Millionaire Matchmaker' Weighs in on Jen's Summer Fling

Everyone is talking about Jennifer Aniston's summer fling with Justin Theroux, and "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger is adding her two cents.


Stanger joined TooFab's Lawrence Yee to talk about celebrity couples, summer flings, and Season 5 of her hit Bravo show "The Millionaire Matchmaker." Check out the exclusive interview below.

TooFab: What do you think of Jennifer and Justin's whirlwind romance?

Stanger: I like him for her. I think he’s a good fit for her. But how you get a guy is how you lose a guy [referring to Theroux's 14-year relationship with his ex]. He was like, "Bye! You were my training wheels. Now I'm going off to get my real Schwinn." I mean what IS that? She's not a great picker -- she had John Mayer. C'mon, let's be serious.

TooFab: How do you feel about them moving in together?

Stanger:  That's too soon. That's way too "I wanna marry you" creepy. And she needs to think about that. She makes way more money, there better be a pre-nup. He needs to court her first.

TooFab: What about Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio? She has a big movie to promote ["Green Lantern"] and he just broke up with [Israeli supermodel] Bar Refaeli.

Stanger: First off, I love Leonardo. I'm a huge Leo fan. I don't really feel Bar is out of the picture. She always seems to surface. I think Blake has the whole Katie Holmes "when I was a little girl I loved you and I always wanted to marry you" thing. Now it MIGHT work, but I don’t see it here. I think it’s a flash in a pan. Very similar to Sean Penn and ScarJo. I'm rooting for him to get the Jew.

TooFab: Are summer flings healthy?

Stanger: Cleaning the pipes out? Absolutely. But you gotta be careful as a girl because you can get oxytocin bonding which is a chemical in your body that's fueled by estrogen. So you can fall in love with a loser as well as a good guy. And if the good guy isn’t a good guy you can get screwed.

TooFab: What are your three commandments for summer dating?

Stanger: You want to have a flirty cocktail that matches your personality. Anything that says, “hey I’m different I’m not just a vodka soda” kind of girl [Stanger recommends Pucker Vodka, which comes in a variety of bold flavors]. Second, you want to take a girl somewhere that relaxes her; maybe a horseback riding, a cocktail at a Mexican restaurant. Third, you don't have to spend a lot of bucks.

TooFab: How do you know if a summer fling is the one?

Stanger: It’s all about the kiss. You basically can tell by temperature reading if you like a guy the way he kisses you. That's when you begin to warm up. And that's when a guy knows he can get in.

TooFab: What's coming up on Season 5 of "The Millionaire Matchmaker"? You're back in L.A.

Stanger: I wanted to go to Miami but I don’t think they'll ever send me on the road again. Casting was atrocious. Bravo is totally adamant about keeping me in L.A. They think the flavor in L.A. is different than anywhere else. We've got Tori Spelling on the show as an expert. We have Jenny McCarthy. And ... I'm single, so I had to do a mixer.

TooFab: What else?

Stanger: There's a lot of crazy clients like we always have. There's not as many millionairesses this season, it's more about the men. A lot of great gays. We have FABULOUS gays. We have Frank Marino who headlines the Divas show in Las Vegas. One of the things I wanted to do with the show was teach you how to date week to week. You're going to get the tip of the week.

TooFab: Has the recession affected your clientele?

Stanger: It has never changed us. There is always a millionaire in every corner. Silicon Valley is still blowing up, and they have no women up there. So they're coming down here getting the L.A. connection.

TooFab: What else is going on?

Stanger: I'm writing a screenplay to my book "Become Your Own Matchmaker." I'm writing a cookbook called "Mancatcher Meals." I'm getting skinny on Sensa because I have to stay thin to be in this industry.

And Pucker Vodka, that's my favorite thing right now. Cosmos and margaritas are boring; I want something different. And they're low calorie too! Nothing is better than dating a guy two, three times and he orders your drink. That's the key, you want a guy who knows what you're eating from salad dressing all the way to your drink!

Comments (16)

GO BACK TO YOUR HOLE NOW:  1317 days ago

God whenever this fat beast opens her big mouth you can expect some bull**** to come out. I don't know if someone ever told u this Patty but being a 'matchmaker' is like the easiest thing ever. A high school graduate can do it. Also, if I were to ever hire a matchmaker, id want to make sure he/she is at least married if they are in they're forties! Says a lot about your ability to "matchmake" when you cant even set ur own fat ass up. Also that blonde assistant you have is annoying with her cracked out facial expressions. cant stand this show.

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janet:  1317 days ago

I love Patti! I think she is brilliant. She has guts like no one I have ever seen before. I think she has a ton of talent. I love watching her and I would buy anything she endores! Whoever wrote the above comment is a complete loser.

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irma:  1317 days ago


i just love your show...and thank you for being a great model for women...please do not ever stop the show..

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No comment:  1317 days ago

Teaching women how to be gold diggers makes her a great role model? Why isn't she married?

How much is PuckerVodka paying you to endorse their product through the entire atricle?

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bbq:  1317 days ago

Patty is a fake! How many of her "matches" have gone anywhere? In her first season she boasted that she had a "99% *(?)" success rate? After that, now it's a "high"* success rate (?). She couldn't even sustain her own engagement! Why are people still listening to her? I think it' not her matchmaking skills but her "Hollywood Connection" skills! Read between the lines, people!

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Jackie:  1317 days ago

Typical idiot Americans. My parents have been married for decades and neither match marked them. Patty is full of **** and any woman or man who follows her crap is as much idiot as her. The 2 people who are praising her. You will never get luck in your marriages if you agree with that ugly stupid bitch. Follow your own insitics. Why need someone to teach you how to find a right guy or woman? plain stupid.

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Jeanette Campbell:  1317 days ago

wow...the dissenters here are unbelievable...please...get past her personality...this woman knows her stuff...

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Tammy:  1317 days ago

Love her... she tells it like it is!

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Tina:  1317 days ago

Wait, did she just say she has Tori Spelling on the show as an "expert"? Um, Tori and her husband both left their ex's for each other. So why isn't it ok for Jenn's boyfriend to leave his wife?

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kim:  1317 days ago

I beg to differ on the Jen Aniston thing...I met my husband and we fell in love immediately, moved in within a month and married 4 months later....Happily married still 15 years could happen. Sometimes you just know!

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steve:  1317 days ago

I can'*****ch her show anymore. Boring for one and she is a very rude and foul person. Hypocrate for riticizing other womens looks. She should look in the mirror and rant at herself. I would bet her shows ratings are horrible.

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LUISA GONZALEZ:  1317 days ago


I wish for you to get a good boyfriend, and for you to learn how to keep and marry a man.

I would provide much needed credibility to your show!

Most of the couples you have matched at your show were not successful. What a disgrace you are to real matchmakers.

you suck.

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The Date Diva:  1312 days ago

I sure hope Jen realizes that she has stepped into a whole heap of problems. Let's get real: A new romance is crazy and magical vs. a 15 yr marriage. I pray that she waits at least 6+ months before getting engaged to him, and then at least a year after that. Six months is about the time it takes to start seeing the real "you" in a relationship and for reality to set in. That's when the endorphins settle down and you can really tell if there are connections beside in bed! There are tons more tips at Good luck Jen!

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pure proof:  1310 days ago

The proof is 'in the pudding', sweethearts.

If she can't "successfully" match herself, how can she successfully match anyone else?

Don't believe the hype, people.

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Bubbly:  1306 days ago

I love her show.

9 out of 10 times the couples don't work out. I love it when those rich fools can't connect. That is what makes the show interesting for me!Especially when the old unattractive geezers zero in on the young hot large breasted honeys who have their whole life ahead of them. Most of those rich men have been running around sticking their who who in every ho ho they bump into. Then when they find that they are slowing down and need a bunch of pills just to get them moving they suddenly want a 20 something to settle down with and have their kids. Hahaha! Bring back the show!Bring back the entertainment!

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