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Adam Levine Talks Aguilera Rumors, Calls Her a 'Pain'

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera may sound like a perfect pair in their new single -- but on the set of "The Voice," it might be a different story!

"She's a pain in the ass," Levine joked to Conan O'Brien last night on his TBS show, "but she's my pain in the ass. I love her."

Responding to gossip that she's a diva on set, Adam added "We love her, she's super talented. We're all pains in the asses!"

Aguilera wasn't the only one Levine poked fun at -- he also took a jab at Simon Cowell and his tight wardrobe, saying the former "American Idol" judge may want to ditch the black V-necks for "a kimono."

How do you think they really get along on set? Sound off below!

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ginny:  1317 days ago

love Christina, am sure they are all a pain in the ass. I had never heard dam sing before!!

CA is a great singer, period. Live with it guys!!
plus she was the only woman on the voice. they should have madonna, christina, katy perry and one ******* guy and lets see what happen??

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Daniela:  1317 days ago

Love it! CA and AL have great chemistry and their song is great!

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lanie:  1317 days ago

She can't even control how much of a diva she is. If you've ever had to deal with her - you would NOT like her very much. She's really a wretched person - I don't think I ever witnessed her looking remotely happy.

Unfortunately her terrible attitude affects other people.

Search utube for "diss list" - celebrities have described how horrendous she is to deal with... It ain't pretty..

She has a nice voice, but doesn't write most of her songs... Yet she thinks she is the most important person in the world.


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Tracey:  1317 days ago

I don't know if it's true or not, but if it is I hope it doesn't deter Adam from returning to "The Voice" next season because he's great!

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Yeah, I said it.:  1317 days ago

I love this show because it lets everyone see what a smart @ss, b*thchy jerk of a human being she is. I mean I always suspected that is how she was but the show just confirmed it for me. I wish Ce Lo would slap her. Hey, if he won't I'll be happy to do it.

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Dr. Steve:  1317 days ago

Physically, she's become bloated. Needs a good diet, regular exercise, and a humble attitude.
Stop drinking etoh.

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Mama J:  1317 days ago

My husband and I have watched the show from the beginning...With our collection of over 4000 CD's and 5000 albums...we like everyone! Just rocked out to Cee Lo on our trip to Myrtle in April...But I do have to say...Christina seems like a diva...great voice..but a diva..First of all she dresses like a whore..really? Cover your junk in the trunk and the rack on the hood!! I don't need my kids seeing that! Second of all Shut your trap!..You seem to think that your the only one on the stage with any talent or NOT.. I would much rather buy a Blake Shelton or an Adam Levine then yours...I do have to say, that I love Adam now...I had no insight to his personality before this..and I think he is a stand up guy! honest..had integrity..believes in his you man!! Crack me up! Cello...your great..your seem like you really care about the kids and you want to teach them.....Christina...Don't do Barb a dis-service by trying to make her like you... She has a great talented voice that people would enjoy without all the jarballing....we dont' need the ...Ugg Uhhh..blah blah blah...

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tina:  1317 days ago

I used to be a fan but since watching the voice I've realized, I dont like Christina anymore.

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lea:  1311 days ago

X-tina is most def. a DIVA, and I don't think that such a good thing. I love that she is so talented, but she knows it and doesn't understand how shallow she looks when she is commented on others performances with such a whatever attitude...You have to give props when deserved. Your girl was good, but she came in good it not like you developed her talent. YOu helped a little.

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MESA:  1310 days ago

There is no doubt that CA is extremely talent, but her attitude needs an adjustment.

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Delaney:  1307 days ago

Can we really know for sure what they're like? Adam seems good at putting on a good guy act but listening to his lyrics he's anything but! He's hot as hell though and very cool. Christina is beautiful and talented but she's had people kissing her ass for far too long and it totally shows coz she needs a stylist to say 'oh god honey no you look so fat in that'. She's a good person though, a few celebs have also vouched for that.

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