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Who Is Derek Hough Kissing? Mystery Woman Revealed!

The last woman we heard Derek Hough was dating was Cheryl Cole -- but that's not who he was kissing last night in Canada.

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The "Dancing with the Stars" pro was caught locking lips with 24-year-old Korean popstar BoA Kwon, AKA the Queen of K-Pop.

The story behind the photos makes them much less scandalous though -- as the two were actually photographed on the set of their new movie, "Cobu 3D." According to IMDB, the movie revolves around "A pair of star-crossed dancers in New York find themselves at the center of a bitter rivalry between their brothers' underground dance clubs."

Check out the set shots above!

Comments (10)

anonymous:  1317 days ago

BoA is one very hot girl, nice.

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Nick:  1317 days ago

she's a very hot girl, lucky dude.

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Gabe:  1317 days ago

It would be nice if he were out of the closet!

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FlamingoNut:  1317 days ago

Wait, wasn't he with Shannon Elizabeth after DWTS, and didn't she dump her fiance for him? Or did I hear wrong? Regardless, I guess they're not together anymore...

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John:  1317 days ago

He's trying to make Ryan jealous

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Kate:  1317 days ago

He is absolutely straight. He has dated many women (not beards), his family and he have said this many times. Not all male dancers are gay. He likes the ladies. Such a stereotype.

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gdtop:  1316 days ago

I love BoA so much! He should've made the kiss more romantic instead of keeping his hands in his pocket.

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Gabe:  1316 days ago

Right on #5!

#6: First, there is no such thing as absolutely straight. Second, if he is so 'straight' why would he and his family feel the need to say this 'many times?' Why not just ignore the talk? Third, I am a male dancer myself, and you can believe whatever you want, but I can tell you that most male dancers are gay, or in a few cases bi. A lot of the 'straight' ones are just hiding.

That all said, Derek is hot and whomever gets him, male or female is lucky.

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Betty:  1315 days ago

Gabe your an idiot to say that most or all male dancers are gay or at least bi. Way to promote stereotypes.

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Gabe:  1315 days ago

Say whatever you want: I know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying it to be mean, it is just been my experience and observation.

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