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J.Lo and Marc's Potty Training Troubles

media_removed_toofab 102011Jennifer Lopez
and her husband Marc Anthony may have fortune and fame, but they have to deal with the same challenges all parents do -- namely potty training.

While visiting "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," Anthony recounted a costly incident involving his three-year-old son, Max.

"He took a $6,000 dump in the pool," Anthony explained. "He had an accident in the pool. It got into the filtration system and they charged us $6,000 to clean it. That was expensive!"

Anthony and Leno both expressed surprise over the cleaner's bill, and they should be. The city of Portland recently flushed eight million gallons of water after a man was caught urinating in the reservoir (health officials insisted that the water was safe for public use). The cost? $8,000 to treat the millions of gallons as sewage (the flushed water was worth an additional $28,000).

Max and his twin sister Emme are undergoing training in "full force," but he and Jennifer are using treats to help the kids along. However, it seems the twins "figured out" how to take advantage of their parents.

"In order to potty train them, every time they'd use the potty we'd give them a lollipop. Three days passed and we ran out of lollipops," Anthony said. "I'm like, what's going on? You should probably get them checked out if they're using the potty that much."

Still, kids will be kids and J.Lo and Marc's are adorable. Check out photos of them playing in a Paris playground below!

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Sue:  1319 days ago

If those kids are 3 and not potty trained, that's just pure laziness. With their money, surely the nanny could get them potty trained if they don't have the time nor the inclination. That's as bad as Tom Cruse and Katy Holmes letting little Suri suck on a pacifier until she was 4 or 5.

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sam:  1319 days ago

seriously, my daughter is 18 months old and shes been potty trained for 3 months now, and she never once used a pacifier. i know some parents whose kids are almost 4 and still wearing diapers, but i guess its true, every parent has different parenting, guess it really depends on the children

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mississippinana:  1319 days ago

some kids are just slower than others when it comes to this, especially boys. It takes time,attention and patience. I set up a chart in the bathroom and each time my grandson and his little sister pottied. They got a sticker to put by their name and when they got 20 stickers, we went to their favorite place. It worked. Also it helps to be around other children. peer pressure helps too.

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janellepardee:  1319 days ago

Are you kidding me? There is no "correct" time to potty train your kids to the above commenters. Some children simply are not ready to potty train until 3 years or maybe more. I love how the above commenters assume because their 1 child made some great strides that is how every child needs to be. i pitty the day your child struggles with something and you are too wrapped up in bashing others that you dont realize they may just need a little help or more time. i would bet to say all of your children did not walk at the same time, or talk, or for that matter sleep through the night at the same time. Any GOOD parent or physician will tell you EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT and forcing them to do something before they are capable will only set things back further.

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Linda:  1319 days ago

Love this story since they can afford to get it fixed. Sort of like a turd in a punch bowl LOL.

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Dianna:  1319 days ago

Wow some of you are high and mighty!!

My son just turned three and isn't even interested in potty training and it has nothing to do with laziness it has to do with the child and boys aren't physically ready to potty train until they are almost 3. Most Doctors and child care specialists say that potty training should be child lead. And as for the pooping in the pool chances are he was at the side of the pool near a filtration duct and it got sucked in before they could do anything!

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Shell:  1319 days ago

WOW!! I can not believe the first three comments posted here. You parents must be "god like" of something! How's it feel to live in that world??? You people must not have full time jobs and take care of more than just one potty training child at a time! Any sane person knows that you totally have to go with the timing of the child, cause if you pressure them it will turn into a disaster and they will not be excited about this at all. Some kids get it right away and some take longer. I did exactly what the grandma did (comment 4) get the potty chart with stickers and the incentive to go to their favorite place. Worked like a charm each time I potty trained one of my children.

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Trish:  1319 days ago

IMO.........lazy parents! They probably blame the nanny for their childrens problems. Be a parent first and your careers second! Yes, every kid is different, but age 3! Gross

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wendi:  1319 days ago

My first child was potty trained at 15 months, my second was almost 4 yrs, would not sit on the potty for nothing, I would have had to duct tape her down to get her to sit. My third child potty trained herself watching her older sister and me fight about it. The point? Every kid is differnt and goes at their on pace.

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Veronica:  1319 days ago

I agree EVERY CHILD is different. I'm a first time mom and have an almost 2 1/2 year old boy and he doesn't talk yet. He is behind on his vocabulary and getting speech therapy and this too may prolong potty training. I set a goal for him been trained by the time he turns 3 in February, but I'm not going to pu*****. Just like I'm not going to push him to talk. I've read it could be worse if I keep pushing just the same as potty training.

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me0471:  1319 days ago

Seriously! I have four boys and BELIEVE ME it is ROUGH training them. My boys were not ready or EVEN interested to start going potty until they were 3. My 4-year-old STILL isn't pooping in the potty. It's not about bad parenting or being lazy (I am a stay at home mom, who feels like I follow my kids around with a potty chair, just to make sure they go)... it all depends on your kids. Obviously those who are making bad comments either don't have kids or have kids that were just easy to potty-train!

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Jenna:  1319 days ago

I want to live in a world where all kids are potty trained by 15 months, it sounds pleasent and cost effective :) Too bad I live in the real world where kids go when theyre ready, no matter how hard the parents push the issue.

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keke:  1319 days ago

no Sam is not a liar. My daughter is 3 and she has been potty trained since she was 15 months.I believe if your child brings you a diaper because they want you to change them, they're ready to be trained. I don't believe in pull-ups. They're a waist of money. Plus your child still thinks he/she is still wearing a diaper. Buy training underwear. Put them on the pot once an hour. They'll be trained within 2 weeks to a month. Trust me.

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Dawn:  1318 days ago

Well,no one can force potty training, no reflection on parents. I have 3, all different, all different ages. My 4 1/2 yr old still wets bed and HAS been checked out, and dr. Says it is normal and just immature bladder. Especially with multiples, my sisters has quadruplets and they were trouble too. As for the pooping thing, if you make a big deal about it, the kid will hold it too much and get constipation issues or worse, blockage or mega colon. In my experience, candy never helped, toilet targets helps, like cheerios!

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Chrissy:  1318 days ago

Every child is different! Boys are more difficult to train than girls! Way to go Jlo who doesnt use a NANNY

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