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Jennifer Aniston Gets a Tattoo -- What's It Say?

Jennifer Aniston got her first tattoo  -- and she showed off the new ink this week in NYC.

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While stepping out in sandals on Tuesday, Aniston debuted her brand new tatt on the inside of her right foot, which reads the name "Norman." So who's Norman?

The name belonged to Jen's dog, a corgi-terrier mix, who died at age 15 back in May.

She reportedly told James Lipton while filming "Inside the Actor's Studio" that "Norman" was her favorite word.

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debbiedoesnothing:  1311 days ago

Ah, that's sweet. She's doing the full Angelina. First she steals someone else's man then she gets a tat. Next she'll be adopting a foreign orphan. Uncool, Jen. Uncool.

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Fozzie:  1311 days ago

awww ease up guys, Norman is the only one that didn't leave her. Well, ok, he had to die to escape.

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Superman:  1311 days ago

That tattoo is pretty stupid!!!

Yeah, the bitch can't complain about Angelina and Courtney now that she's stealing somebody else's boyfriend.

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mary smith:  1311 days ago

Needy Needy Needy

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lanie:  1311 days ago

How sad. I didn't realize her dog died. Wasn't Norman a dog that Jen and Brad shared? I bet that was tough, but 15 years is a good life for a dog. Regardless it was a sweet gesture to get his named tat'ed on her, but hopefully she will stop at one tattoos and not go overboard and mutilate her body, like Angelina did... Yuck.

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Seriously:  1311 days ago

Really all of you - Apparently Angelina is the only one with a tat, get real. The woman lost her dog and wanted to do something in his honor - nothingto read into there. Seducing someone's husband intentionally versus meeting a guy on a movie set that had a girlfriend he was already breaking up with is hardly a valid comparison. I don't think she's needy or desparate and I'm sure she could have her pick of many men.

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emily :  1311 days ago

you all are soo rude.. its two sided here, she couldnt have "stolen" Justin away if he didnt want to leave his ex. Stop giving her crap, i love jen and i think the tatt is cool

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PnkRngr:  1311 days ago

All of you are jealous bitches. Shut up and worry about your own life. You really think she cares with the MILLIONS of dollars she is making. Roam the street of NYC late at night, you will find must worse. Blog about that dummies.

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backfire:  1311 days ago

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Weird:  1311 days ago

This is too much adorration for an animal ! She'll end up an old lady living with 10 dogs sleepping in her bed and a hundred cats living all over the house. Creepy...

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Julia M.:  1311 days ago

"Wasn't Norman a dog that Jen and Brad shared?"

Um, actually, Norman was the excuse for refusing to let him bring his own beloved dogs with him when he moved in with Jennifer. She said Norman couldn't handle "another dog" so Brad was forced to leave his dogs at his Los Feliz property with one of his employees. Brad had to visit them like a divorced dad. This should have been a big clue to Brad about Jennifer.

Is someone suggesting that Jennifer has her dog's name tattooed on her own dogs. That is really weird.

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Amber Jones:  1311 days ago

First, If you look at the picture of her foot, you can't really even see a tattoo, at all. I just see a dark spot.
Second, If she did get the tattoo, it's noone's business what it says. It's her body.
Third, Quit being a bunch for jealous bitches.

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Cyndyrella:  1311 days ago

Julia M.

And you know this because you were THIS close with Brad and Jenn or you heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend who waxed Jenn? Keep on reading tabloids, your brain will turn into goo real soon! Or maybe you are Angelina Jolie, who knows! Let the lady be for God's sake,let her get a tattoo of Lady Gaga, whatever, it's her life! Nobody cares if Angelina keeps collecting kids like a hoarder! The funny thing is that people are bashing Jenn and Angelina and probably they're drinking tea and laughing at our expense!

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Donna:  1311 days ago

At least Jennifer had the sense to have the tat put somewhere out of sight.....too many people put tats all over for all to see and it just makes their bodis look filthy...sorta like writing all over oneself. Tats are not attractive at all.

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Caroline M:  1311 days ago

I'm sure I got a tattoo because a girlfriend of an ex-boyfriend from years ago, has them. I'm pretty sure she got her ear's pierced for the same reason.

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