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Hugh Hefner Steps Out with New Playmate

Looks like Hugh Hefner has a new Number One girl: Anna Sophia Berglund.

While Anna has been named as the gal keeping Hef company since Crystal Harris left him days before their wedding, last night they made their public debut together.

Hugh, 85, and Anna, 25, were seen sitting next to each other all night at the annual Kandyland event at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday ... where Hefner wore his standard robe and Anna wore some sexy cheetah print lingerie.

The two were seen leaving the party together too.

And it sounds like Anna isn't the only one Hef's seeing these days, as he tweeted yesterday "I haven't been in a one-on-one relationship since the end of my marriage in 1998."

In another tweet he responded to "rumors" he's also dating Shera Bechard, saying "It's more than a rumor."

It wasn't just Hugh and Playmates at the party last night though -- celebs like Paris Hilton, Alex Pettyfer, Amber Rose and Corey Feldman were also in attendance. Check out all the photos above!

Comments (22)

Christine:  1317 days ago

She looks drunk and he looks just old,sorry Hef. I don't see how an old man buying women's affections is news. Obviously his whole wedding thing was sham from the beginning. He aqdmitted he has been with Anna for as long as he was with Crystal. If that's the case than why make Crystal look like the bad guy.

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hi:  1317 days ago

Next! Good for him,he doesn't waste his time! LOL

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Adam:  1317 days ago

I predict the marriage will last 50 years ;-)

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Joanna:  1317 days ago

Aww, Gramps bought another hooker! Good for you Gramps!

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Kait:  1317 days ago

Looks like a blonde Khloe Kardashian. Eck!

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mckaren:  1317 days ago

everyone has the right to live their life the way they want, but i think Hefner is living his in the spotlight just to be in the spotlight, and it makes him look pathetic. too bad.

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Candyee:  1317 days ago

His family runs the business.. Has to keep up his "image" ..These girls get alot of money.. Rumor has it he is suffering from dementia.. Well he is 85!!!

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Amy:  1317 days ago

She's a chunk!

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Amanda:  1317 days ago

WoW...Anna you look like hefner has been feeding you well.. get on the treadmill girl ur so pretty!..

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barbara:  1317 days ago

she looks like she is high and slutty the bra is too much it looks awful she dosent know how to dress the other girl admited it was a sham

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lala:  1317 days ago

Will this old closet gay just die? Its clear he doesn't even like women, he looks at gay porn when he has sex with them and they have to have surgery and fake hair just to be near him. Not only that hes a racist and an age discriminator, which is funny because hes older than sin! He makes me puke! He gets more hideous every day.

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which is it?? Porn or Fitness?:  1317 days ago


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Jack:  1317 days ago

Now she wants her expensive jewelry and a Bentley too like her friend. Just swaps a small peice of fur for it. What a deal?

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kc:  1317 days ago

she looks like anna nicole,,,,and we know how that turned out

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Cindy:  1317 days ago

well doesn't she look like the gold digger from hell...

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