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Beyonce Kills It At Glastonbury with Kings of Leon Cover

Beyonce Knowles blew the crowd away at the Glastonbury festival this weekend in England -- where she sang a cover of Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire."

Wearing nothing more than a black leotard and a very shot gold sequined jacket, Knowles killed it while husband Jay-Z and Gwyneth Paltrow watched the show together in the audience.

During the show, Bey told the crowd "I want you all to know right now you are witnessing my dream, I always wanted to be a rock star and tonight we are all rock stars."

Check out her rocking performance above!

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Kendall:  1313 days ago

Go Beyoncé! That was amazing! Can't wait to buy '4' tomorrow, too!

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Truth:  1313 days ago

She's no Tina Turner by far. But considering the lame no talents and lip syncers we have today Beyaawwnce is an ok performer... not outstanding like artists from back in the day.

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smashley:  1313 days ago

too bad that song blows... i liked Kings of leon circa 2004/2005 way better than these mainstream sellouts.

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RIDINGFINEST:  1313 days ago

She was whack.....Kelly killed it she should have closed out the BET Awards!

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Felipe:  1313 days ago

I think Beyonce has and will always be able to hold her own among all pop stars today. She is always on note, flawless not to mention always giving 110% on stage. To compare her to divas of the past, there is no comparison! It was a different era but I can tell you hands down had she been a performer in the past, she would still be able to hold her own and be very successful! Love me some B!!

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PJ:  1312 days ago

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Michael Smith:  1310 days ago

Beyonce! I don't know what's all the.....she's not all that. Compare here to Diva's in the past, I'm sorry, she not, and no comparison. You want wont to take about Diva....Janet Jackson..she can act, sing,dance etc....but Janet is not finished yet. After the passing of her brother, when she get over the hurt. Janet is coming back strong, and gona put beyonce in her place, like when Janet put her in the place, when beyonce try to give to her about the photo pic, when when she wanted to be in the middle, instead of Janet, how dare she, and who in they right mine, give a gift, a portrait of themselve is just suck on there self, self-centered, no soul, non-acting, spoiled etc....Beyonce is alright, she's no Diva', sell your soul, wana be.....

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jazz:  1310 days ago

Beyonce' can sang and all but her time is dying out. I think everyone is appreciative of what she has brought regarding music but it's someone elses turn to shine now.

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Sherell:  1310 days ago

Stop Hatin on Bee. Shes the BEST.

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RHH2:  1310 days ago

Beyonce is such a hard worker and an AMAZING talent! She does not have to compare with the Divas of the past, just like they did not have to compare with the Divas before their particular time. ALL OF THEM HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART! Can any of us say that one brother is more special than another? One sister? One Grandmother? They are all Special Divas with no competition!!

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BDC1:  1310 days ago

Beyonce is hands down THE BEST. All you negative people out there, are either jealous, or just plain STUPID!!!! Queen B always and forever, to infinity and Beyonce!!!! LOL :-)


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Serenity:  1310 days ago

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her fan :  1310 days ago

im so sick of all the hater*****en on my girl! yall mad cuz ur not getting the money shes getting... My girl works hard!!! Keep working girl... as long as you singing im buying!!! love you B!

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SHEILA:  1310 days ago

I have never been fond of any singer that starts out as group(Jackson 5, Commadors, Destiny's Child etc)Don't get me wrong Micheal had so much talent that it oozed off of him, but still he, just like Beyonce,and others before him had to still have dancers, back-up singers and the works so why get rid of the people you start out with if they have talent I wanted the song Beyonce messed up in the movie "Cadillac" "At Last" to be the song for my daughters first dance at her wedding.Not anymore.She was rude to Etta James, but then that is how all of the youngsters are with the Great Ones.

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Sophia:  1310 days ago

Beyonce BUTCHERED that song.. she will never make be believe the sex she had was on fire.. Kings of Leon should not have let her DISTROY that song..

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