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Hollywood Legend's Former Home Up For Sale

Katharine Hepburn was the epitome of class, so it's not surprising her home is as well.

The late, great actress' estate is up for sale -- if you have $18 million. That translates into a $101,000 monthly mortgage payment, if you can afford the 10% ($1.8 million) down payment.

Located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the 8,368 square-foot home has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, and a private dock and beach. Check out all the photos below:


The brick and wood estate was constructed in 1913, but was destroyed in 1938 during The Great New England Hurricane. The home was rebuilt and Hepburn lived there until her death in 2003. Barbara and Frank Sciame bought the home in September 2004. According to Zillow, they paid $6 million for the property.

Extensive renovations were made, and the Sciames used it as a summer home for many years -- furnishing it with pristine white furniture. After deciding to sell it, the Sciames divided the estate into three parcels. The one containing the home was listed for sale last week for $18 million, but all three can be yours for $28 million.

One final piece of trivia -- Hepburn's 1933 Best Actress Oscar for "Morning Glory" was believed lost in the 1938 storm, but later retrieved. It was one of four Best Actress statuettes she won -- more than any other actor, male or female.

If you had $18 million, would you buy this home with all its rich history? Sound off in the comments below.

Comments (28)

Bajan boy:  1307 days ago

hell no, 9 mil tops for the entire estate,this is extortion

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hitman1236:  1307 days ago

Zillow says this house is worth 3.7 million. Good luck getting someone to pay 6 times what it's worth, just because a famous person lived there.

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Agent Aquarium:  1307 days ago

Zillo does not post "Sold" data. They post "Last Price Listed" data and pass it off as sold data... So if the last price listed was $18 Million and you bought it for $2 Million, Zillo would still say it sold for $18 Million. I'm just sayin'...

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ColbyJack:  1307 days ago

If I had it, you betcha, I would. Although I would have rather had it her way, not redone all in white.

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Ashley Nicks:  1307 days ago

Zillo knows ZERO about home values. Market value is what a buyer is willing to pay for a property. You can't compare this home to any other to come up with a 'market value.'

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Cochis1977:  1307 days ago

I would offer $5m CASH today, furniture and all.

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Paul Green:  1307 days ago

defo, beautiful, just beautiful

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suzann:  1307 days ago

To live in a house that the Great Kate lived in is priceless!

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David B:  1307 days ago

Do not EVER overpay for a house because a celeb lived in it. That is just stupid. Hepburn was one of the greatest. But who cares about a house she lived in. It's meaningless.

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The Glamour Whore:  1307 days ago

I'm from that area. That house isn't far from ours... Nothing in that area is worth 18 million. Nothing.

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Ashley:  1307 days ago


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Kevin:  1307 days ago

$18M if her ghost still walks the hallways, otherwise, $5M, tops.

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dk:  1307 days ago

The house was called "Fenwick" when Hepburned lived there. I used to drive by it as a teenagers in the 70's, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but never did, until one day I was at a vegetable stand in Old Saybrook, and heard that unmistakable voice arguing with the owner over the price of tomatoes. I looked behind me, and there was Hepburn-contankerous, but still wonderful!

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Chala:  1307 days ago

You bet I would. I'd buy all three properties, then do something with them that would honor Kate's memory.

I adored her. A one-of-a-kind.

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