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Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Topless for Vanity Fair

Gwyneth Paltrow looks super sexy in the new Vanity Fair -- where she poses wearing nothing more than fishnets and some Louis Vuitton jewelry.

The 38-year-old mother of two reportedly did the revealing shot for the magazine's jewelry calendar, which will be a supplement for the August issue -- which has Emma Stone on the cover.

While Gwyneth gets her bod thanks to celeb trainer Tracy Anderson, Emma Stone bashed Tracy's diet in the very same magazine -- saying "That diet, have you seen it?... It's like: Eat this diet, which is a palm-size piece of chicken and some beans, and work out two hours a day for the rest of your life."

Whatever Gwyneth's doing, it's working.

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wow:  1306 days ago

she looks gross!!!!!! she has a 9 year old body. who told you Gweneth that you look good with your shirt off? your daddy? eww

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BrianB:  1306 days ago

9 year old body? I can only assume that you have a 400 lb body if you feel the need to say that this woman looks gross in any way. It's pathetic that these are the sort of comments we see on forums when a woman looks fit and like she doesn't eat off the Denny's "All you can eat" bar every other night. Let's be honest here, this is what a woman looks like who eats a relatively healthy diet, and excercises a few times a week. That's it, there is no magic. Eat less and exercise. Try it some time!

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Robert G.:  1306 days ago

Gweneth looks fabulous! Slim and trim and beautiful.

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theresa:  1306 days ago

that is such a horrible thing to say about someone.SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AND people like you who say things about someone like that are the ones with the low self esteem and need to take that critical eye and look at yourself.

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jenifer:  1306 days ago

i think she looks beautiful,you go girl......

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vanessa reyes:  1306 days ago

The diet is one thing but who has 2 hours a day to work out. An actress who is not doing much acting.

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saxman:  1306 days ago

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..Gweneth looks great..She is a beautiful image for young Moms to shoot for..she is definitely on the road to peace and happiness...and love her gourmet travel trips of Spain!!

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Good Lawd:  1306 days ago

At age 38 after a couple of kids? Well done, Mrs. Martin. Well done, indeed.

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Dan:  1306 days ago


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JUST ME:  1306 days ago

wow, she looks good here, must be photo shopped.She is ugly as hell! But here she looks good, beside her attitude stinks too.Can't honestly stand her.Not sure what some people like about her.Looks like a wet cat usually.:(

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Charlie:  1305 days ago

Imagine her completely naked moaning and groaning on a king size bed while you go down on her and make her *** and *** and *** again until she can't *** anymore! That would be SUPER HOT! Imagine taking her to the movies, she is wearing a skirt and you slip your hand under the skirt, finger her to orgasm and see that other people in the movie theater are watching. That would be AWESOME! Imagine taking her to a swing club and getting it on with other couples there and another woman actually getting it on with Gwyneth, making her orgasm and learning that was the 1st time she was EVER with another woman! Now tell me, would that be THE BEST!

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Allen:  1305 days ago

She is very sexy and very beautiful.

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Nikki:  1305 days ago

She is beautiful....all women are....I can't believe the we tear each other apart, when we should be celebrating our individuality! Really a shame....

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Belle:  1305 days ago

I have to compliment her on the fact that she hasn't gotten those gross, big breast implants.

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stratone:  1305 days ago

Yummy !!!!

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