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MTV Shows Collide: 'Teen Mom' Meets The Situation!

The "Jersey Shore" crew had a "Teen Mom" in their territory today -- where "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry tried to score a photo-op with The Situation!

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The two MTV reality show stars crossed paths outside the Shore Store, the t-shirt shop where all the "Jersey" kids work.

It doesn't look like they got too close to each other though, as Kailyn was seen taking photos "with" Sitch from across the boardwalk.

Maybe MTV has a policy against crossover episodes?

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jpierce26:  1310 days ago

Is it just me or do all these teen mom's on this show not have enough money to get a decent tattoo? The one showing on her chest looks like crap.

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Jes:  1310 days ago

Of course 2 people who shouldn't even be considered famous. It's funny how all you have to do is pop out a baby at 17 and be considered a 'star'

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Karl:  1306 days ago

Noting says white trash better than a chest tattoo.

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