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Did Jennifer Aniston Out Earn Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie took Jennifer Aniston's man. She also took home a bigger paycheck.

The brunette beauty made $30 million between May 2010 and May 2011, topping the list of Forbes' highest paid actresses. Jolie made her millions from the thriller "Salt" and "The Tourist."

Tying Jolie for the top spot was Sarah Jessica Parker. Parker's earnings came from the "Sex and the City" sequel, and also her various perfume lines. Ah the sweet smell of success!

Jennifer Aniston came in third with $28 million. The actress has yet to have a breakout big-screen hit, but this weekend's "Horrible Bosses" may end her bad luck at the box-office. Click below to see who else rounds out the top 10.


Were you surprised with any names on the list? Is Kristen Stewart truly worth $20 million? Sound off in the comments below!

Comments (21)

stupid:  1303 days ago

"The actress has yet to have a breakout big-screen hit" ARE YOU FOR REAL?????????????

Jen last movie Just Go With It opened at nr. 1 at the box office, that movie earned 212 million dollars at the box office.

Can you please stop with the stupid reporting. STOP comparing the two. STOP saying stuff that isn't true.

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bsthelegend:  1303 days ago

are u serious? jen aniston's movies are not big screen hit? i loved just go with it. it was amazing! way better than salt and the tourist.

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vo thi quynh yen:  1303 days ago

I love Jenn

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Fsh:  1303 days ago

Hey, stupid, you're either really stupid or you're Jennifer Aniston - or both. Her time
has come and GONE!

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ndub:  1303 days ago

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b.mclane:  1303 days ago

1)Salt made Worldwide: $293,503,354 and is slated for a sequel.
2)The Tourist made Worldwide: $278,346,189
Both made more than Annison's continuing portrayal of Rachel rom-coms.
3) Angelina is an actor. She does have an Oscar you know. Jennifer is uh, well, she still looks great in designer short dresses.
3) Angeleina did NOT steal Brad. He left Jennifer cause she broke her promise to start a family and signed an 8 picture deal over a 10 year period behind his back. He said this. Obviously, he was serious about having a large family. Annison is 42 and childless.
Time for the trash magazines to move on. Its been nearly 6 years already.

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lynne:  1303 days ago

In observing the two photos you have offered up. Jen looks like a real girl. Angelina looks like she might break.

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Evyn:  1303 days ago

"Just Go With It" was Adam Sandler's movie. He extended his #1 streak with that piece of crap. And I'm glad Sarah made the list because if they count Jen's endorsements and residuals for the list, then they should count hers, too.

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LBH:  1302 days ago

I seen salt and tourist witch flopped at the box office there is so many other beautiful women out there way better actresses shes old news and Jennifer is so much better Im happy for Sarah and Jen thats real people

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rasha:  1302 days ago

angie makes big movies in which she plays the lead and it's all about her so she deserves to be on the top of the list but jennifer only has supporting roles in big movies that's the difference between them

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KIKAY:  1302 days ago

naye....Aniston didnt outearned angelina....coz angelina is more versatile than aniston....

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Joeadventure:  1302 days ago

You people need to get a life. Live your own life and do something instead of living your life through brad, jen, ang and who the hell else.

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JMC:  1302 days ago

Please STOP comparing the two. Let Jen be. She is not childless,her time of Happiness will surely come. Angie didnt stole her man that brad want an oscar and crazy girl and he got one period.

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angie:  1302 days ago

Lynne, open your eyes.... Jennifer looks cheap on that dress.... Angelina look regal no matter what she put on...

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Esme:  1302 days ago

WTF....Angie did steal Jen's man. There both good actresses love both of there movies but Jennifer seems like a better person than Angie. Angie seems to sukd up! Blah....

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