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Jennifer Aniston: 'The Break-Up' Was Cathatric for Pitt Split

Jennifer Aniston signed onto "The Break-Up" right after going through a very public one with Brad Pitt -- and she now says it helped her get over the split.

"It was just a beautiful story about a couple breaking up, and I was slightly familiar on the topic and the issue" she tells "Inside the Actors Studio" host James Lipton in a just-released clip from next Monday's episode.

"I sort of honestly felt like, what a great way to sort of exorcise some of that," she adds. "I enjoyed it. It really enjoyed it."

Aniston admits the producers of the movie were hesitant to offer her the role at first due to the touchy topic, but Jen says she thought "Why not? Turn the page, let's move on."

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Sheri-Ann Palmieri:  1299 days ago

She's such a professional, love her!

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Sam:  1299 days ago

Yes i know so professional she has to run crying to VF and putting all the guilt on Mr.Pitt himself..Who is yet to say anything about her on about him leaving her.........Now that man is professional..More Class than this woman..Who loves and treads on sympathy for her own fame..and game..

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LOLA:  1299 days ago

He didn't have to SAY anything. His cold, callous actions spoke volumes. He knocked up Angelina Jolie while he was still married...yeah, class act!

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Me:  1299 days ago

There is something odd about Aniston. She's still talking about her 5 year marriage with Brad Pitt and her divorce from him 5 years ago. She's still hurt about that? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship was equal to that AND was able to have 6 children, 3 being biologically his. Aniston's life style hasn't change.

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doppelganger:  1299 days ago

Brad fell in love with Angelina while filming. He knocked her up during the divorce process.

Obviously he has A LOT more in common with Angelina. And although she said she'd never have biological children, she loved Brad enough to give him the one thing he had always longed for.

He and Angelina have been together for the same amount of time of his marriage to Jennifer. And they've experienced much deeper/meaningful things together. When will people stop pitying Jennifer?

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anonymous:  1299 days ago

Aniston was a virgin until marriage, Pitt uses Jewess's to advance his career 1st Juliette Lewis then Spielberg's godchild then Aniston... He wanted to have kids she couldn't and probably still can't clean up her act...Aniston was also purposely ****teasin on me around the vince vaughn "breakup"time. I'm not delusional enough to believe I'm up there with Brad Pitt when it comes to looks...and I dont have and as pretty as she is, in person even hotter...I don't like her at all.

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Meg:  1299 days ago

I'm no advocate of cheating, but I believe that it takes two to dissolve a marriage; we have nooo idea what JA was like as a wife. She reeks of desperation, the only reason people hang onto the Pitt/Aniston break up is because this loser won't stop mentioning it five years after the fact...

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anon:  1299 days ago

Are you kidding? I'm so sick of everyone saying she won't stop talking about it. Every magazine interview she has asks her about it! If people didn't want to hear how she was doing, they wouldn't ask! It's not like she's going up to James Lipton and saying "Hey, ask me about my divorce, everyone loves that." Actor's Studio asks about the person's entire life and it's impact on their career and work. It obviously had an impact - very public and fueled her role in "The Break Up". She's over it, moving on, but you ask someone who's five years out of a divorce that was perpetuated by cheating and media hounding and see if the person isn't still a little sore. People are callous and cruel and so eager to take sides.

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Meg:  1299 days ago

How many times have they asked Brad Pitt about it and he's managed to skirt the issue? It's easy to say "I've moved on, next question". She keeps feeding into it; her love life is what keeps her famous.

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judy:  1299 days ago

I'm so sick of listening to her whine about her break up with Pitt. it didn't work out so he left end of story. Get over it he's a happily married man with a family. Good for him.

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debbiedoesnothing:  1299 days ago

Maybe Brad had good reasons for wanting out of that mess. Like the fact that he was ready to start having kids years before she was - he even talked about it publicly - while she kept putting it off - which she also discussed publicly. He's never said one negative thing about her. Anyone who's ever been married knows he probably has plenty to complain about. It's time for her to shut up about it and move on. Ever notice how she always gets a new boyfriend when she has a movie to promote? Would she even have an ongoing movie career if not for her "relationships"? Why don't any of her relationships work?

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TheRicker:  1299 days ago

Jennifer Aniston has become a ridiculous caricature.

In some pathetic attempt to keep herself relevant, she constantly plays this underdog who's unlucky in love. Constantly.

Any article or television interview somehow touches upon the fact that Jennifer is a woman scorned who has risen above even though no men respect her. It's pitiful. She and her agents are the machine that perpetuates it. It's her schtick.

I find it funny that there are so many people who by into it and call Jennifer courageous or strong. How dumb...

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Lisa:  1299 days ago

Jennifer and Brad were the Hollywood golden couple (at the time). She was super famous at the time and they were very compatible from what I read about the two of them then. He and Angie running off together was disgusting. I don't advocate that at all and of course the world hasn't stopped talking about it ever since. It's not Jen out there saying "hey, listen to me while I relive a horrible time in my life over and over". To go through what she did was hard. To do it as publicly as she did is even harder.

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Me:  1298 days ago

@ Lisa - "To go through what she did was hard. To do it as publicly as she did is even harder"

What Brad and Angelina did, happens to a lot of people. It happens because they found someone else whom they have more of a compatibility. And their situation, it happened while Brad was married to Jen. Brad managed to have a life outside of work, a family.

Does it take 5 years to get over someone? Perhaps therapy will help her.

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Deb:  1298 days ago

Ugh. Boring Aniston is just as guilty of running off with someone else's partner.

Let's get over the jumbo, shall we?

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